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LW Hollow Aluminum tube Production Company

LW hollow Aluminum tube is made with latest techniques. The press out aluminum is then mold into different types of hollow tubes. We provide the best quality aluminum that is shaped into hollow tubes.

LW hollow Aluminum tubes are used for different architecture and configuration procedures, post of fences and different gates, transport application and for support columns purposes.

We made it to your needs and preferences in different shapes. Our 15 years of experience is a testament to our quality.

Our advanced and trained team can provide architectural and structural services as well. We also give free samples. Our products are checked before and after manufacturing for their acclaimed quality. We offer to deliver it in the shortest possible time.

Contact us to customize your product according to your choice.

Hollow Aluminium Pattern Tube
Pattern Hollow Aluminum Tube

Square telescopic tubes are manufactured through a set of tools which extrude it or processed by different molds. This shape of aluminum hollow  tubes is used in different structural means.

Round Hollow Aluminum Tube

The round hollow aluminum tube is a vacant and round shape tube. This shape gives the long sturdiness. The round hollow aluminum tube is used in most architectural applications.

Square Hollow Aluminum Tube

The square hollow aluminum tube is specifically designed for architectual and structural applications. This shape of hollow aluminum telescopic tubes is high force and firm shaped. The most common square-shaped hollow aluminum tube is railing steel, both hot and cold pressed steel.


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Reasons Why LW is one of the Best Hollow Aluminum tube Suppliers

LW Provides Reliable Quality Products

We only use that material for our products which is best in quality. Our keenly check our products before and after their production.

LW has a multiple range of products

LW deals with vast variety of Hollow Aluminum tube shapes, which are hollow aluminum round tube, hollow aluminum square tube hollow aluminum pattern tube.

LW has a fast shipment

LW delivers its products in the immediate time span. We have a executive l team that takes orders from the customers and deliver them on time. We also give free samples on request.

LW is Skillful in Extensive Processing

LW extensively processes its products through different procedures like sliding, , bending, machining, molding, etc.

LW let you design your products according to your choice

LW has an adept department that works according to the preference of our client. We manufacture hollow aluminum tube in different shapes like round, square, pattern etc.

LW a Professional Dealer of Hollow Aluminum Tube

The hollow Aluminum tubes are used for different structural application.. They are used in many industrial equipment. Their purpose is to make outdoor furniture. 

  • Size of Hollow Aluminum tube:

LW hollow aluminum is available in different sizes of standard that can be used anywhere. The size varies from 12mm to 100mm depending on the thickness of the tubes.

  • Colors of Hollow Aluminum tube:

The color of the hollow tube can also be made  according to the customer’s choice. The  colors include silver black, white, blue, red, and others.

Applications of Hollow Aluminum Tubes

Car Body
Fuel pipe
Interior Fitting
Office Equiment

LW the Superior Quality Hollow Aluminum Tubes

LW hollow tubes are made of hight quality aluminum alloys like 2024, 3003, and 7076.

It has good production properties like obstinacy, high power to weight ratio, good weather resistance, etc.

Our products can be used for long period of time.We provide the best services that can help you choose us.

The professional team manufacture the hollow  aluminum tubes through advanced techniques and machinery.

We can meet all your requirements with our customization services.

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