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LW: Horizontal Bed Head Unit Specialist

If your arm is bent, broken or painful and you need someone to come help you, they will send somebody to help you.

The same type of help could be available if your bed is tilted up at an angle and as a result you are unable to straighten yourself.

This Horizontal Bed Head Unit with its compact design is perfect for use in homes, hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers; used in many settings that require the ability to move the bed head unit left or right left or right.

In modern hospitals and healthcare facilities, horizontal bed head units are used to provide comfort and safety to patients.

They can be fixed or free standing and are ideal for use in nursing homes and long term care facilities.

Horizontal Bed Head Unit

The horizontal head unit maintains a consistent and bedside test-turnover time, which is critical for the proper diagnosis of your patient.

The unit features a highly sensitive digital oscilloscope/meter with a maximum range of 600ft/0.1mm for rapid electrode placement and diagnostic testing of muscle at the bedside.

The advanced acquisition and processing technology detects even small signals to provide reliable, reliable readings in the most difficult circumstances – during scanning procedures and within bone.

This Horizontal Bed Head Unit comes with all the features that you need to provide a comfortable and clean space for patients.

 Quality of life is essential in today’s society. We believe that every individual, regardless of their age or medical condition, should have a safe and comfortable place to heal in.

The horizontal bed head unit is a great safety and comfort aid for patients.


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LW: Horizontal Bed Head Unit Experts

100% Customer Satisfaction

We provide 100% customer satisfaction, punctual delivery and prices that are so low you would like them! We make sure to always keep our customers satisfied by doing the utmost best to achieve any standard or specification that they want us to apply to their order. Your horizontal bed head unit will always be in pristine quality!

Exceptional Staff

When you choose us, you have the assurance that we will design and manufacture the best horizontal bed head unit for you. Our team of skilled engineers, industrial designers, and fabricators will build a custom horizontal bed head unit from scratch to meet your specifications with the highest quality and accuracy.

We Build Things to Last

We have been in the business for almost 15 years. We are experts at what we do and have helped to make our customers successful for years. Our horizontal bed unit is top quality, built to last, and sold at a great value. If you are looking for a high-quality bed head unit that will make you look like an industry expert, then look no further than LW!

We Are Highly Precise

We understand that it’s important to always be highly precise with manufacturing any product. You in need of a precision manufacturer for your horizontal bed head unit? We’ve got your back because we’ve been in the business long enough to understand the importance of each and every order.

Horizontal Bed Head Unit

Why You Should Employ a Horizontal Bed Head Unit

Strong and stable design.

A horizontal bed head unit has a very strong and stable design. It is made from aluminum composite, which is light weight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The head part rotates 360 degrees for better viewing angle of patients during operation.

Ergonomic design that works with every patient.

When you have to look at an overhead monitor while you are in bed, the Horizontal Bed Head Unit is definitely a necessity. With the ability to tilt and swivel to 90 degrees, this unit provides an ergonomic and comfortable workstation that is suited for most minor restoration cases during treatment. A medical vertical bed head unit can be an ideal option for health care facilities such as long-term care or rehabilitation centers. 

Common Horizontal Bed Head Unit Applications

Horizontal Bed Head Unit for Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes
Horizontal Bed Head Unit for Hospitals
Horizontal Bed Head Unit for Wards

LW: Horizontal Bed Head Unit Experts

With a good and reliable Horizontal Bed Head Unit, your patient’s experience on treatment is made more comfortable.

The unit ensures smooth integration of your unit with all equipment around it. Besides this, the use of Horizontal Bed Head Unit reduces errors in measurement and increases the accuracy level.

This device is helpful in providing an accurate output regarding the time required for mixing complete hot and APL reagents.

Our experienced staff members are committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure you are satisfied with our horizontal bed head unit.

The largest benefit of using these units is that they will help to create an environment where your patients are able to heal and recover without being disturbed by noise or light.