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IGBT heat sinks are a popular and cost-effective way to manage heat for IGBT devices, especially in higher power circuits. 

A well-designed IGBT heat sink can extend the life of your IGBT devices, protect your cells from damage and improve your product performance.

IGBT heat sinks are a vital piece of equipment for many industrial applications. IGBT heat sinks are designed to transfer heat from the semiconductor devices (IGBTs) to the surrounding environment. 

They are also called thermoelectric heat sinks and are usually made with a metal base material and an attached aluminum finned structure.

They can transfer heat away from the IGBT to reduce power loss, prevent thermal runaway and help improve system reliability. Learn more about the benefits an IGBT heat sink brings to your application by giving us a call!

IGBT Heat Sinks

Heat sinks are an essential component for any power device, including IGBTs. While it’s true that IGBTs have become more and more efficient over the years, nothing compares to their current level of power consumption which can reach up to 400 W or higher depending on the application. 

Today’s IGBTs often operate at high frequencies as well, requiring smaller design sizes and lower capacitance. Heat sinks serve as a vital thermal management solution for these devices, helping to ensure reliable operation in even the harshest operating conditions

IGBT Heat Sinks are a true necessity for all modern power supplies, yet they are the most overlooked component in the power delivery circuit. 

The reason behind this is because no one realizes that an IGBT may be fully protected and thus seemingly indestructible; but even under ideal conditions an IGBT will run very hot and dissipate high levels of heat. 

The use of heavy duty heat sinks will prolong the lifespan of your expensive IGBT’s and ensure that they perform at optimal levels for years to come.

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LW: IGBT Heat Sink Specialists

We’re More Than Just A Manufacturer

As a leading IGBT heat sink manufacturer, we pride ourselves on providing high quality and reliable IGBT heat sinks at an affordable price. Our team takes great care in every aspect of our business, from design to manufacturing, which has earned us an excellent reputation within our industry.

Unparalleled Manufacturing Standards

If you’re looking for high-quality, highly efficient and cost-effective IGBT heat sink, you’ve come to the right place. Our advanced production facility and our unparalleled standards of customer service mean that we are always happy to help in any way we can (and we mean that!).

In-House Trained Experts

Our IGBT heat sink has been engineered and tested to offer unparalleled performance. With its high thermal conductivity and outstanding performance, our heat sink is the first choice for many customers. We have an in-house design team that can help you get your product to market quickly, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering the best product possible.

High Performance Guarantee

As an IGBT Heat Sink manufacturer, we supply excellent quality heat sinks which are designed in accordance with the high performance level of all our products. Our IGBT heat sinks are made up of good material and built with great technology, to achieve a higher performance level.

Reasons You Should Be Utilizing IGBT Heat Sinks

Efficient Thermal Management

Switching power supplies can produce a lot of heat. If this heat isn’t dissipated properly, it can cause the output voltage to drop and have other negative effects on the performance of your circuit. The solution is to use an IGBT heat sink, which is part of this handy kit we put together just for you!

They Are Built To Last

IGBT heat sinks are important for the protection of any electronic application, which can get very hot. IGBTs are critical in high-voltage electrical equipment and appliances. When used improperly, these devices can malfunction or catch fire. Heat sinks draw away excess heat generated by electrical components such as transistors, insulators and semiconductors to prevent overheating and premature failure.

Common IGBT Heat Sinks Applications

IGBT Heat Sinks for Electronics
IGBT Heat Sinks for Computers

LW: Why We Are IGBT Heat Sinks Experts

High-power semiconductor devices, such as IGBT heat sinks, are used extensively in power electronics.

However, these devices can get quite hot due to electrical current flowing through them.

IGBT heat sinks are installed on the surface of these semiconductor devices to prevent them from overheating and becoming damaged.

In order to be able to use IGBTs in a power supply, they must be properly cooled. The voltage levels across the transistor can cause it to overheat and die if not cooled correctly.

This is why an IGBT heat sink is an integral part of any HV power supply system.

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