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It is important to note that industrial heat sinks or heat sinks are utilized to disperse the heat produced by different equipment operating at high temperatures.

Because of its high heat conductivity and low melting point, aluminum is a common choice for these devices.

A range of forms and sizes are available for industrial heat sinks, depending on the application or needs.

An industrial heat sink is the finest option if you have a heat source that has to be dispersed. Many industries and applications make use of heat sinks.

Industrial Heat Sinks

In addition to industrial heat sinks, other names for these electronic components include electronic thermal conductors, passive heat sinks, and personal computer heat sinks. These components are used in applications that require high performance in terms of heat dissipation from electrical components or systems.

Any equipment requiring a greater degree of heat exchange and thermal efficiency uses industrial heat sinks.

A wide range of sectors may benefit from these items, including electronics, aircraft, and many more.

Thermal solutions for CPU and GPU cooling in the regular and high-end sectors may be found here.

For improved cooling, industrial heat sinks are used on a wide range of equipment and machinery. They distribute heat across a vast surface area.

They also aid in the prevention of costly equipment failure due to overheating.

Industrial Heat Sinks


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Industrial Heat Sink Types

Extruded Industrial Heat Sink
Extruded Industrial Heat Sink
Stamped Industrial Heat Sink
Stamped Industrial Heat Sink
Bonded Industrial Heat Sink
Bonded Industrial Heat Sink
Folded Fin Industrial Heat Sink
Folded Fin Industrial Heat Sink
Single Fin Industrial Heat Sink
Single Fin Industrial Heat Sink
Swaged Industrial Heat Sink
Swaged Industrial Heat Sink
Forged Industrial Heat Sink
Forged Industrial Heat Sink
Skived Industrial Heat Sink
Skived Industrial Heat Sink

LW: Industrial Heat Sink Manufacturers

15+ Years of Industrial Heat Sink Manufacturing

At LW we have been producing heat sinks at an industry leading rate for 15+ years using high quality extruded aluminum heat sinks, cast aluminum industrial heat sinks, and custom molded rubber pads required to remove excess heat from your equipment.

We Construct For Optimal Performance and Longevity

Each heat sink is meticulously crafted by our in-house engineers to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. Finally, we're able to design custom units for practically any use. Is there anything more I can do for you? We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Long-term Partnerships

We have the ability to manufacture heat sinks for a wide range of applications in an extremely short time frame. We offer a wide variety of materials, styles and finishes to best suit your needs. We strive to create long term partnerships with each one of our customers.

High Quality Raw Material

Customers may depend on us for the highest-quality heat sinks and cooling systems. As a result of the high-quality materials used in the production of our heat sinks, they are not only exceptionally long-lasting but also structurally sound.

Industrial Heat Sinks

Reasons You Should Be Utilizing Industrial Heat Sinks

Safe temperatures all throughout

A wide range of items, including electrical equipment, machinery, and more, may create heat that must be dissipated. They are an essential tool for making sure these objects stay at safe temperatures through either passive or active cooling. Typically, Industrial Heat Sinks are made with metal materials that resist heat and are long-lasting and durable.

Increase the lifespan of your devices

An industrial heat sink is a heat exchanger that is intended to efficiently remove heat from a component. Typically, industrial heat sinks are constructed with aluminum fins and forced air flow to remove excess heat from electrical components. Many customers are unaware that the usage of an industrial heat sink may extend the life of neighboring components such as diodes and transistors. Larger components, such as CPUs, often have sufficient space for a suitable heatsink, but smaller components, such as remote control chips, may not be able to disperse the same amount of heat without suffering damage.

Common Industrial Heat Sinks Applications

Industrial Heat Sink for Electronic Devices
Electronic devices
Industrial Heat Sink for Mobile Phones
Mobile phones
Industrial Heat Sink for Computers
Industrial Heat Sink for Television
Industrial Heat Sink for Air Conditioners
Air conditioners
Industrial Heat Sink for Heaters

LW: Why We Are Industrial Heat Sinks Go-Tos

Buyers frequently ask whether we are the correct Industrial Heat Sink Manufacturer. We recognize that every consumer has a distinct motivation for making a purchase. 

Maybe you are a Chemical Manufacturer and are worried about the quality of your goods. Or maybe you require a heat sink manufacturer with a good reputation, an ability to produce on schedule, and quality industrial heat sinks. 

LW will be your best choice. In several industrial applications where a high quantity of heat must be swiftly evacuated from a limited volume, heat sinks are used. 

You should know a few things about heat sinks. No matter how efficient a heat sink is, it will only operate as well as its material composition allows it to (mass, thermal conductivity). 

Components are cooled by thermal systems utilizing either forced air or liquids such as water, oil, or gas. 

The gaps between different metals needed by the working fluids necessitate that each heatsink must be equipped with its own heatsink. 

If more than one kind of hardware component is used in a personal computer, three different heat sinks must be fabricated, installed, and aligned during assembly.