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LW: Kids Whiteboard Manufacturer

During the holiday season, many people are happy and excited for the break. Children want to feel like they are still a priority, even with their busy lives.

Kids Whiteboard allows families to stay motivated while being together by providing a space where they can work on projects together.

Kids’ dry erase boards is a whiteboard that is made from materials that are safe for children to play on. They are bright and colorful, so kids can easily learn. Kids Whiteboard is stackable, great for any classroom or office.

We have seen many teachers find success with using whiteboards because they are often used as a way to allow students to draw directly on the board, making this a key component in developing great artwork.

The Kids Whiteboard also provides opportunities for children to work in teams, encourage collaboration between classmates and foster overall development.

Any child will enjoy having a kids whiteboard as it allows them to express their creativity using a whiteboard that is both hassle-free to clean and maintain for any parent who hates having to clean up mess.

Kids Whiteboard

When growing up, kids require a lot of self-expression and having to express themselves requires something like a kids whiteboard.

Looking to splash up your kids’ life with a dazzling new addition of a kids whiteboard just for them? Look no further than LW to manufacture your kids whiteboard and turn their smile into a bigger one.

You won’t need to worry about all the mess that they could get from painting because LW’s kids whiteboard allows them to easily clean up their own mess by themselves.

One of the drawbacks of not having a kids whiteboard is that cleaning becomes a big hassle as it’s not easy to clean residual paint used by kids but having a kids whiteboard eliminates all that.

Contact us now here at LW to assess and calibrate what your needs are for your kids whiteboard for a competitive price!


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LW: Kids Whiteboard Expert

Leading manufacturer of kids whiteboard

We are the leading manufacturer of kids whiteboard, the most popular product in the market. We have been catering to education institutions for their kids’ dry erase boards needs ever since and are always keen on providing great service to our esteemed customers. Get in touch with us today! We have a range of products which can help your school to engage and motivate their students by creating a learning environment that is Creative & Fun, Interactive & Safe.

Large and diverse catalog of dry erase boards kids

With a large selection of kids white boards, you can choose from a variety of designs of our kids whiteboard available. Our full line of kids whiteboard products are color-coded for easy identification for your child's safety and best design. With our children's whiteboard you will find the perfect solution for your classroom, kindergarten classroom or daycare facility.

Fully committed to making our clients and their families happy

This is an opportunity for us to show parents and kids alike how much we care about them by offering a Whiteboard that will challenge their learning and mental skills. And, it’s not just any stylus, but one large enough to reach across their childrens white board in order to be sure there are no misspellings or small mistakes. We understand that your kids require the best things possible and we make sure to fully commit to making our clients and their families happy!

We use only the best materials and equipment available

For our clients, we make sure to use only the best materials and the best technology to accommodate each and every one of our clients. We believe that you working with us allows us to showcase our potential to fruition and give you the best kids whiteboard available in the market because we are one of the leading manufacturers in China and in the world. Contact us now!

Kids Whiteboard

Why You Should Employ Kids Whiteboard

Good addition for school environments

A kids’ dry erase board definitely makes a good addition to any school, but the real benefits come from the little ones themselves. Kids White board is an interactive teaching tool that allows students to use their creativity and imagination to make their learning process more effective. 

Multi-purpose teaching tool for kids

Kids White board can be used for a lot of purposes. It is commonly used in schools to teach children how to write and color using various colors to make different designs by using a similar technique. It can also be used by adults with mental disorders. Kids’ dry erase boards create a one-of-a-kind teaching tool to facilitate creativity with young learners. Children’s whiteboard helps to develop an understanding of important skills such as math and reading, and also encourages physical activity. It’s ideal for making presentations and dealing with emotions.

Common Kids Whiteboard Applications

Kids Whiteboard for Campus
Kids Whiteboard for Pre School
Pre School
Kids Whiteboard for Childcare

LW: Kids Whiteboard Expert

A Childrens Whiteboards will benefit you and your child in a variety of ways. They’ll have fun with their friends, they’ll be able to introduce themselves to new people, and they’ll help build their confidence with us as they begin to understand how to use them.

Childrens whiteboards are great for all age groups. They are more flexible, allow you to write on them in a variety of ways and you don’t need to worry about markers tipping over and ruining your drawing.

Childrens whiteboards are now used by kids all over the world. They are great tools to help kids with their communication and revision skills, especially as they get older.

This whiteboard from LW is amazingly versatile, so it doesn’t matter if your child is learning about drawing shapes, coloring in boxes, drawing pictures or writing messages this board will work for them.