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Many years of the excellent performance of our products and Whiteboard for kitchen has ranked our products top in the market. 

We make the best Kitchen Whiteboard that you will not regret. You can use them at home, kitchen and garden for writing recipes or tracking the planting seasons. 

Generally, our Whiteboard for kitchen are overall used at home, but they are mostly used in the kitchens for writing recipes, and as timers. 

However, we design the White board for home according to your preference of size and color. You can utilize our Minimum Quantity Benefit to purchase more for less should you want to buy more of our products of your needs.

So, don’t forget to order your customized Kitchen Whiteboard from us

Kitchen Whiteboard Products

1.Magnetic Kitchen Whiteboard.

Magnetic Kitchen Whiteboard

The Kitchen Whiteboard we produce is dry erase. It automatically sticks to the metal surface. It is suitable for home and kitchen

Message Board

This Kitchen Whiteboard is in small size (A4, A5) with a pen holder. It is used for writing small messages to keep the kids updated. You can write on it a last minute shopping item to remember afterwards. The Velcro pads keep them attached on the fridge or other magnetic friendly space. It can be mounted on cupboards.

Message Board.
Attached Bulletin and Whiteboard.

Attached Bulletin and Whiteboard

This Whiteboard for kitchen is sort of a thumbnail board and whiteboard attached. Therefore, you can use one side for posting on the paperboard and the other side for writing on the whiteboard. It is a unique design for house decoration where the fabric bulletin is for push pining memories.

Kitchen Whiteboard Sheet

It is a Magnetic whiteboard sheet with a slim design. This Kitchen Whiteboard makes things organized with messages and points on it. It can be attached to the fridge, door or wall.

Kitchen Whiteboard Sheet.


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LW Kitchen Whiteboard- Advantages

Simple design

Our Kitchen Whiteboard is simply used without the need of specific skills. It is the best for time management as it helps to line up tasks or jotting down spontaneous ideas.


This Whiteboard for kitchen is reusable. With the dry erase property, the ink is dried at normal temperature which is erased with the wiper. It is not harmful to the environment and causes no allergies.


The White board for home is used anywhere from quick feedback, brainstorming and discussion points to recipes or ideas the on the magnetic board. You can attach bulletins to it with magnets to make it more collaborative.

Neat and clean

Our Kitchen Whiteboard does not produce dust which may cause allergens. The marker writing just has to be wiped off.


The Kitchen Whiteboard keeps all the family members connected. A tiny messages before leaving home, a note for instruction. This helps in a family setup a lot.

A Premium Kitchen Whiteboard Maker

Here are some more benefits of our Kitchen Whiteboard:

  • Cost-effective

Our Whiteboard for kitchen has no electrical consumption. Therefore, it has a low running cost. As it is inexpensive, it is bought as a replacement of papers and tablets. 

  • Environment-friendly

We make the Kitchen Whiteboard with porcelain which is pollution-free and made of biodegradable materials.

  • Consumer-friendly

Whiteboard for kitchen do not produce dirt or mud like chalk, kitchen is a place to be clean all the time, so out whiteboard is a good alternative.

  • Healthy option

Kitchen Whiteboard is suitable for the visual effects. It pleases the senses as it is a good feeling to see a message of a loved one saying they have placed food in some place in the kitchen or the fridge. Other than that, there are no harmful chemicals applied in the marker or the board-making as is in the chalks.

Applications of Kitchen Whiteboard

Grocery lists
Kitchen Whiteboard for Weekly Plans.
Weekly plans
Kitchen Whiteboard for Reminders.
Kitchen Whiteboard for Schedule.
Kitchen Whiteboard for Organization.
Kitchen Whiteboard for Recipes.

Customized Kitchen Whiteboards

Our Whiteboard for kitchen are made in clean environments with Non toxic accessories such as pen trays and mounting magnets. We want you to take full benefit of our products.

That is why, we make customized Kitchen Whiteboards for your kitchen. We make sure that when you prefer a home decor whiteboard, we make one for you. 

You can use the Whiteboard for home and Whiteboard for the kitchen because you can write recipes on it when you are in the kitchen, but you can also write short messages for family members or next day plans. 

Our employees follow the R&D department’s instructions to make customized orders up to the level of the customers’ demand. Therefore, we make the best fit Whiteboard for kitchen and home purposes.

So, order your Kitchen Whiteboard, and get a quote from us immediately.