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LW: Large Aluminum Enclosure Specialist

Large aluminum enclosure is an excellent way to protect and shield sensitive equipment. The fact that it’s made of sturdy aluminum makes it the perfect choice for protecting your electronics. 

The Large Aluminum Enclosure is an extremely functional option to protect your electronics. This enclosure can fit any standard-sized PCB, adding protection to your electrical equipment.

The combination of a large aluminum enclosure, sensor and fan allows this unit to provide more accurate and reliable temperature readings while keeping your product cool. 

This large aluminum enclosure can be utilized in a variety of ways including dry storage rooms, freezers, coolers and refrigerators.

Large Aluminum Enclosure

The Large Aluminum Enclosure secures a component with an aluminum alloy and prevents signal interference.

This is applicable to a wide variety of components, including circuit boards, wire harnesses, and even machines.

When you need to safeguard your equipment, you should choose a large aluminum enclosure.

Large aluminum enclosures are simple to store and carry, reducing firms’ labor and transportation costs.

It also accelerates product delivery, which boosts market competitiveness. Utilizing a large aluminum project box is the optimal method for protecting your items from the weather and ensuring their security.

By using a large aluminum enclosure, you may create an atmosphere that promotes the life of your product.

Large Aluminum Enclosure


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LW: Large Aluminum Enclosure Experts

The Optimal Manufacturer

We are the ideal producer of large aluminum enclosures or also known as large aluminum project box and large extruded aluminum enclosures. We have the knowledge and skill to create the ideal enclosure for your requirements. It is essential to recognize that your massive aluminum enclosures demand only the finest production procedures and specialists.

Numerous Large Aluminum Enclosures Available

There is only one name to remember when you need a bespoke large aluminum enclosure delivered on time: LW, of course! Our extensive assortment of standard and bespoke options positions us as the industry's top producer.

Service Options to Resolve Difficulties

Our large aluminum enclosure production facility offers a variety of solutions to clients and has been providing service solutions to assist customers in resolving difficult issues. Our solutions are very popular with clients and have been used in a variety of settings, particularly on building sites and in factories where a dependable enclosure system is required.

Everyone Can Find Something to Enjoy

We provide a variety of large extruded aluminum enclosure options intended to give the necessary protection and durability. With their durable designs and suitability for usage in difficult settings, our products provide a smooth user experience. We offer something for everyone, ranging from bespoke enclosures to a range of sizes and combinations.

Large Aluminum Enclosure

Why You Should Employ a Large Aluminum Enclosure

Many Benefits

Significant advantages of the large aluminum project box, such as durable and effective radiation heat resistance, large rotating speed, high accuracy and stiffness, low noise in all working modes.

Protect your infrastructure

When you install a large aluminum enclosure, you are able to protect your infrastructure from the destructive impacts of water, hardware and more. This protective enclosure is built of high-quality aluminum and guarantees that you may undertake both temporary and permanent installation. It also helps to offer equipment protection from dust, moisture and other problems.

Common Large Aluminum Enclosure Applications

Large Aluminum Enclosure for Infrastructure
Large Aluminum Enclosure for Electronics
Large Aluminum Enclosure for Equipment
Large Aluminum Enclosure for Carpentry

LW: Large Aluminum Enclosure Experts

Large Aluminum Enclosure is the perfect answer to your security issues. We provide you with a durable, rust-resistant and tamper-proof large extruded aluminum enclosure that’s easy to set up and safe to use.

The security system that we offer is versatile and can be used in almost any industry to keep you protected. This efficient and reliable security solution prevents unauthorized access while allowing you full control over the areas where it’s installed.

Typically, our Large Aluminum Enclosure is made of 18 gauge, 20” x 16” x 12” aluminum box with a vented lid, hardwood base and clear tempered glass door.

It measures 20″ wide x 16″ deep x 12″ tall and includes a 1 piece wooden base and 1 piece clear tempered glass door. All glass has an epoxy coating on it to prevent scratches or breakage.

The largest category of commercial aluminum enclosures consists of Section 1018, 20 gauge and larger. The most common commercial application for these large extruded aluminum enclosures is indoor/outdoor lighting.

They are typically fabricated from extruded aluminum sections. These sections have a number of features that make them well suited for this application; they are lightweight, corrosion resistant and easy to fabricate.

Large sizes of large aluminum enclosures allow manufacturers to pack as many fixtures into an enclosure as possible to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs