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We are committed to your success. Our customers can rely on us being there when they need us most, no matter where they are located in the world. 

We are one of the leading Large Aluminum Tube manufacturers, we have a professional engineer to design and build the machines.

We have assembled a dedicated team of experts who have manufacturing experience and industry knowledge that you can count on.

You should use large aluminum tubes because they are built to last, designed to light up the night, and can be used for other things when not lighting. 

Large aluminum tubes are often used in light fixtures, while they can also be used as bases for walk lights on the road, or even reflectors for any situation where you want light to be visible but not too bright.

Large Aluminum Tube

Our Large Diameter Aluminium Tube is a wonderful alternative to steel cans, fiber drums and plastic drums. It is rigid, light weight, and can be translucent or opaque. 

It has been used for the transportation of chemicals, oil, foods and other liquids that need to be protected from light and moisture.

Light-weight and easy to carry, this tube is made of aluminum, a high-performance material. It is strong, durable and rust-resistant.

Its resistance to corrosion is relatively high. It can be used as an industrial structure and component part in various regulations

Large Diameter Aluminum Tube has a large surface area of the tinplate, which makes it a good heat spreader.

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LW: Large Aluminum Tube Specialists

Strict manufacturing standards.

All our products are made under strict quality control system, the aluminum alloy material is from the top grade A1060 or 3000 series high strength aluminum alloy which is lighter and more durable than other common alloys. Our large tube machine is best suitable for making large diameter pipes, as well as tubes with additional threads on both ends.

Sustainability is what we aspire.

Large Aluminum Tube is one of the major products in our factory. In order to keep our headway, we have established a strict quality control system and methods in every process. It is strictly forbidden to use recycled components or re-tempered sheets in our Large Aluminum Tubes.

We have a large catalog of aluminium tubes.

We are your source for large aluminium tubes, tubes and pipes. We have a variety of sizes and types in stock, ready to process. Our large aluminum tube is offered in sizes from 3/8" thick to 2" thick. We have a variety of different shapes, such as round, square and ovals – all in anodized (clear or black) finish.

China’s leading manufacturer.

Large Aluminum Tube, Large Diameter Pipe manufacturer, aluminum pipes for sale and supplier in China, get best price for large diameter and steel pipes from us. Large Aluminum Tube is ideal for any product or situation where you need a strong, durable, lightweight tube. We are the largest and most trusted Large Aluminum Tube manufacturer around.

Why You Should Be Using Large Aluminum Tube

A Cost-Effective Solution for Any Application

The main reason to use Large Aluminum Tube is that it helps you to save money on the cost of construction. The material can be used multiple times, and will not break down over time. Also, it has a high resistance to corrosion, which means that it will last longer than other materials currently available on the market.

Durable and Long-Lasting with Minimal Maintenance Costs

Large Aluminum Tubes are gaining popularity for industrial purposes because of the many benefits that they provide. They are durable and long lasting, which leads to minimal maintenance costs. This makes them extremely budget-friendly and cost effective. With various shapes, sizes and tolerances available, you can definitely find a solution that fits your needs perfectly!

Common Large Aluminum Tube Applications

Large Aluminum Tubing for Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications
Large Aluminum Tubing for Residential Areas
Residential Areas
Large Aluminum Tubing for Aerospace
Aerospace Industry
Large Aluminum Tubing for Automotive
Automotive Industry
Large Aluminum Tubing for Marine Manufacturing
Marine Manufacturing
Large Aluminum Tubing for Home Construction
Home Construction

LW: Why We Are Large Aluminum Tube Manufacturing Experts

Large tube aluminum is a lightweight, durable and attractive metal that can be used for a variety of applications.

It’s great for making furniture, gates and fences. Garage doors and architectural accents also look great with this material.

Large diameter aluminum tube, otherwise known as seamless aluminum pipe and large aluminum tube, has many applications.

It is used in a number of industries from aerospace, automotive and marine manufacturing to home construction.

The big difference between seamless and welded aluminum tubing is that seamless tubing does not have any joints from end to end; it’s one continuous piece of metal.

Welded aluminum tube interconnects by welding multiple pieces of flat sheet metal together at the ends and then rolling them into shape to form the round tube.

This process adds unnecessary weight to the product with no relation to its strength or integrity.