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LW LED Aluminium Profile Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW led aluminium profiles are made of aluminum to protect the led strips inside them. We have a diverse variety of different designs of led aluminum profiles. Each design is specified for a different purpose according to its shape.

LW enjoys and experience of more than 15 years for supplying the best quality aluminum products worldwide. We have different departments for monitoring the quality as well as manufacturing different and lasts designs for our customers. We also provide OEM & ODM to the small businesses to excel their business. 

Along with quality we also offer cheap price to our customers that makes us a good choice for them. Our budget friendly items are tailored the way you want and are also long lasting. We treat them with extra techniques to protect them against harsh weather and extreme conditions.

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Product Categories

LW LED Aluminium Profiles Classification

Surface Mounted LED Aluminium Profile

These led aluminum profiles are installed with diffusers or end caps. The wirings are installed inside them so that they are out of sight and well protected. They give a smooth finishing and are used in ceilings, cabinets or any kind of lighting setup.

Recessed Mounted LED Aluminium Profile

This type of LED aluminum profile is recessed into walls, floors, furniture and ceiling.  Ideal for in which a high light output is required. They are also installed with accessories like diffusers and mounting caps etc. 

Corner Mounted LED Aluminium Profile

They are ideal to be installed in nook region. They are designed in such a way that they can easily be applied in curved areas or corners. They are also utilized in shelves, cabinets and cupboards etc.

Advantages of LW LED Aluminium Profile Manufacturers and Suppliers

Budget Friendly Prices

LW is the brand that cares about your time and money. We offer affordable prices to our customers without compromising on quality. You can get cheap and best quality led aluminum profiles here.

Products that are easy to install

LW can save you from labor cost of installing their products. We tailor our products in such a way that saves your time and can be installed easily without any technique. You can install on your own.

Get Unique Designs

LW has an excellent engineering team that is expert in manufacturing latest and unique designs of our products. We have a wide range of various designs of different items that can be used for any purpose. At LW Different types of led aluminum profiles are tailored.

No compromise on Quality

Our Quality Control department works 24/7 to supervise the ongoing manufacturing processes as well as the after production services. We strictly monitor the quality of raw material as well as the quality of the finished products.

We Provide Surface Finishing services

Surface finishing of the products is a requirement of almost every customer. We ensure the best surface treatment of our products on your demand. Our service includes anodizing, sand blasting, electrophoresis, PVDF coating etc.

In house Processing is available

Our customers don’t need to rush to other platforms for their processing requirements. We at LW have a professional department that deal with any kind of in house processing technique. You can get milling, welding, tapping and many others

LW LED Aluminium Profile Suppliers

  • Get your products customized:

We have an excellent team for the customization our products. Customers can choose from an extensive range of colors and sizes to get their products customized in any way they want. The color choice includes black, silver, white, champagne etc.

  • Customized shapes:

LED aluminium profiles are produced in different shapes. Each have a specific use and can be installed accordingly.  You can customize them according to your choice. The different shapes include:

  • U-shaped LED Aluminium Profile:

These LED aluminium profiles are meant for heat protection. It also protects against bending. It gives an aesthetic look as well as helps increase the lighting effect. 

  • T-shaped LED Aluminium Profile:

These T-shaped led aluminium profiles are widely used for many purposes like on walls, ceilings, floor, furniture etc.

Applications of LED Aluminium Profile

LED Aluminum Profile for Cabinets

International Suppliers of LED Aluminium Profile

LW is working for more than 15 years to provide quality aluminum products throughout the world. Our company is ISO certified and deals with provision of any kind of aluminum made product like led aluminum profile.

We have all kinds of led aluminum profiles available for ceilings, walls, furniture etc. You can get the customized in color and shape of your choice.

We also provide other services including providing ODM & OEM, surface treatment and in house processing. 

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