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With over 15 years of excellent performance of on-demand Led products, we have become a popular production brand.

We provide high-quality Led Heat Sinks that you can use in LED lights at home, office, industrial places, and manufacturing sites. 

The lightweight and corrosion-free properties of our good quality pure Led heat sinks make them popular among other retailers. 

The lightweight property and complex shapes are highly demanded in LED Strip Heat Sink.

Overall, we produce top-selling quality products at your service which you can utilize for domestic and commercial use.

We prioritize your instructions and keep up with precision when manufacturing our Led heat Sinks. 

In addition to that, we offer a Minimum Order Quantity benefit for investment with us at the comfort of your budget.

Feel free to contact us and book your customized order before it’s too late.

Classification of LED Heat Sinks

Stamped Led Heat Sink

Led Heat sinks are stamped to increase their decorative effect. However, these are used for low-performance appliances.

Extruded Led Heat Sink.
Extruded Led Heat Sink

These are comparatively powerful and are used in high-performance appliances. We apply high fin density through extrusion for better performance heat sinks.

Machined Led Heat Sink.
Machining Led Heat Sink

This heat sink is expensive because the Led is wasted in the process of increased spacing between the inner fins of the Led. These heat sinks are highly effective in larger electric appliances as it allows maximum heat dissipation.

Bonded-Fin Led Heat Sink.
Bonded-Fin Led Heat Sink

This process is for larger applications like electric welding, and it is an economical process.

Folded Fin Led Heat Sink
Folded-Fin led Heat Sink

These heat sinks have high performance and higher heat flux density making them light in weight.

Skived Led Heat Sink.
Skived Led Heat Sink

Metals that are generated by skiving can run medium to high performing heat sinks.

Forged Led Heat Sink

The Led is formed through compressive forces that enhance the quality of heat sinks.


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Product Categories

LW Led Heat Sinks- Advantages

Efficient Thermal Conductivity

With vertical and horizontal fin profiles designed in Led heat sinks, circuit boards are highly effective in heat management.

High strength Mechanical performance

The amount of heat transmission improves the performance of Led heat sinks to run heavy performance appliances.

Moderate price and reasonable

LW is energy-saving with high quality and better performance qualities than other metals heat sinks.


Extrusion of Led heat sinks increases spacing between the fins which makes it lightweight and portable.

Environment friendly

The Heat sinks are recyclable and help in protecting the environment with their sustainability characteristics.

Durable and fashionable

Led has corrosion resistance. With Led heat sink extrusion, it can be shaped into various dimensions, so the resulting heat sinks have an excellent appearance.

Led Heat Sink.

A Premium Led Heat Sinks Maker

Other than these qualities our heat sinks have some other specifications: 

  • · Decorative effect

 With extrusion of Led heat sinks, different shapes such as Flat wide shaped Led Heat sinks, round shapes, and branch shapes are produced.

  • · Conversion of thermal energy

The extrusion property also results in cooling equipment.

  • · Price

The complex fin profiles of Led heat sinks increase the surface area and reduce cost and time.

  • · Weight

The high surface area of our Led Heat sinks and low density makes them portable.

Numerous Applications of Led Heat Sinks

LED light
Circuit Boards and PC boards
Led Heat Sink In Electronic Equipment.
Electronic equipment
Automotive equipment
Led Heat Sink in Mobile Phones And TV
Mobile phones and televisions
Led Heat Sink In Wind Power Generation.
Wind power generation
Led Heat Sink in Air Compressor.
Air compressor
Led Heat Sink For Construction Machinery.
Construction machinery

Customized Led Heat Sinks

Keeping up with providing you with our best Led heat sinks, we manufacture our products in disinfected vicinity.  

We care about your appliances at home and in business. Therefore, we hire the best engineers to design your Led heat sinks. We cooperate with you on your business projects to utilize our products in compelling ways with the help of our business interpreters.

As professional Led suppliers, we offer after-sale services for your business. 

You can find our Led in several colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The sizes and shapes are changed through Led extrusion, so there is no fixed design. Therefore, our R&D department customizes products based on your specifications.

We are a one-stop service for obtaining designs for your Led equipment to attain your preferable Led profile requirements to save your time.

Contact us to help you get a quote immediately.