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Competent Led Strip Heat Sink

We have become an approved brand for our 15 years of reputable performance in the production of our excellent Led products.

We have the finest Led Strip Heat Sinks for use at homes such as Led Modules, and at offices, industries, and manufacturing places for high-power Led strip lights.

For the most part, we process top-quality products at your order for domestic and commercial purposes.

We work based on your instructions and develop Led Strip Heat Sinks in alignment with your needs, and fitting them in your appliances.

Moreover, we provide the Minimum Order Quantity Benefit for your businesses that binds a strong relationship with our company as returning customers get more for less.

Feel free to order your customized Led Strip Heat Sink so that we can start working on it.

Classification of LED Stripe Heat Sink

Extruded Led Strip Heat Sink

These Led Strip Heat Sinks are popular and cost-efficient and cheaper, and extruded to different sizes and shapes

Skived-Fin Led Strip Heat Sink
Skived-Fin Led Strip Heat Sink

These Led Strip Heat Sinks are used in power modules such as industries where high thermal energy is produced. These Heat Sink dissipate energy before accumulation.

Free standing Aluminum Pergola

This type of aluminum pergola does not need any wall support. It can be installed at any point in the house providing a comfortable and beautiful area for the residents. It is perfect for gardens, pool side and backyards.

Cold-Forged Led Strip Heat Sink
Stamped Led Strip Heat Sink

These Led Strip Heat Sinks are low power and are used for lighting purposes i.e in the greenhouses.

.Bonded-Fin Heat Sink
Cold-Forged Led Strip Heat Sink

It comes in three shapes: Fin Heat Sink, Round pin Heat Sink, and Oval Fin Heat Sink.

Die Cast Led Strip Heat Sink.
Die-Cast Led Strip Heat Sink

This Led Strip Heat Sink is used in 5G markets due to its unique shape and lightweight. It is produced in large volumes.

Liquid Cold Plate Led Strip Heat Sink
Liquid Cold-plated Led Strip Heat SInk

This Led Strip Heat Sink is huge and is used in complex appliances. Their large surface area allow for swift cooling through thermal dissipation.

Folded-fin Led Strip Heat Sink

This Led Strip Heat Sink is cheaper and lighter in weight. It has a large surface area for the cooling effect of the appliances.


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LW Led Strip Heat Sink- Advantages

High Performance

The cooling effect gives the appliances a high performance when the Led Strip Heat Sinks are installed in them. The Led Strip Heat Sink saves the device from wearing out by stopping it from getting accumulated heat

Befitting Design

The Heat Sink fits in with the led strip perfectly to ensure a perfect contact.


The Led Strip Heat Sinks are light weight as Led is the material used in them therefore, the extrusion is easy. Due to their higher temperature, they can be molded into different sizes and shapes.

Higher thermal conductivity

The Led Strip Heat Sinks are energy savers. Therefore, the Led Strip Heat sink slows down the component Degradation caused by the heat build-up.

Led Strip Heat Sink

A Favorable Led Strip Heat Sink Maker

The lightweight and corrosion-free property of our pure Led Strip Heat Sinks make them well-known among retailers.

Other than these qualities, our heat sinks have some other specifications such as:

  • · Decorative effect

 With extrusion of Led Strip heat sinks, different shapes such as Flat, wide,, round, and branch shapes are produced.

  • · Conversion of thermal energy

The thermal conductivity of the Led Strip Heat Sinks allows for converting heat to energy. 

  • Price

The complex fin profiles of Led Strip heat sinks increase the surface area and make it useable with a reduced cost.

  • · Weight

The high fin density of our Led Strip Heat sinks makes them portable

Several Applications Of Led Strip Heat Sink

Computer and PC mainboard
Air conditions
Led Strip Heat Sink in Induction cooler
Induction cooler
Led Strip Heat Sink in Refrigerator Lights
Electronic refrigerator
Led Strip Heat Sink for Housing and street Lights
House and Street lights
Led Strip Heat Sink in Automobile lights
Automobile light
Led Strip Heat Sink For LED light
LED light
Infrared light cameras

Customized Led Strip Heat Sink

Keeping up with providing the best Led Strip Heat Sinks, we make a sanitized environment for manufacturing our products.

We care about your properties. Therefore, we hire the best engineers in their fields to design your Led Strip Heat Sinks.

Our employees cooperate with you in finding the suitable Led Strip Heat Sink for your workplaces and homes.  

As professionals, we present to you the after-sale service system for supporting you. We give consultation so that you can check on the spot if the product is suitable for your appliance or not.

We replace any Led Strip Heat Sink if there is a quality objection by customers.

We are a one-stop shop for getting the designs you want for your appliances.

Contact us to help you get a quote in time.