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LW Locker Storage Cabinet Your Prime Choice

LW is a professional metal locker storage cabinet manufacturer with its advanced CAD technology and trained professionals providing such locker cabinets suitable for offices, schools, military and home storage.

Our locks are of developed technology that are not easy to break and so secure your things from being theft.

They provide almost double space than common shelves for organizing and putting your things like files, documents, tools and sharp things that you can’t put in open.

LW metal storage cabinet with lock is quite sturdy and trustworthy and its each shelve can hold up to 75lbs of weight.

Our customer service is well-known. Beside guarantee we also provide competitive prices and delivery at your doorstep.

Metal locker storage is available in variety of colors, design and style in our stock. Place your order now and get wonderful deals!

Product Classification- Locker Storage Cabinet

2 Door Locker Storage Cabinet
2 Door Locker Storage Cabinet

It is perfect for any of your room with valuable storage and beautiful colors that match your aesthetics and will also beautify your room.

Small Locker Storage Cabinet

Metal locker storage are designed at LW with the assistance of CAD exactly according to your demand. Small one is best suited for your bedroom or living room and help you to organize your things.

Tall Locker Storage Cabinet
Tall Locker Storage Cabinet

They are sturdy and are the best choice for office, gym and industrial workplace, it will definitely help the workers to keep their things secure and avoid them the trouble of carrying things along with them all the

Lowdown Locker Storage Cabinet

Lowdown metal storage cabinet with lock are available in diversity of colors at LW is a sideboard locker used as kid’s bedroom storage, toy cabinet etc.

Midi Locker Storage Cabinet
Midi Locker Storage Cabinet

They are cool and the best solution for cluttering in the house. They are easy to install and assemble and
have moveable shelves.

Skinny Locker Storage Cabinet

Skinny metal locker storage cabinet are waterproof and can be easily placed anywhere due to its slim style and design.


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LW Locker Storage Cabinet Supremacy

Provide Complete Security

The heavy-duty metal framework along with latest technology locking system provide you full-proof security of your things. You don’t need any more to get worried about your stuff.


Metal locker storage cabinets are highly durable they are made for rough and tough environment of workspace. They are sturdy and keep heavy equipment ad things of your workers secure.

Well-organized & Beautify your space

Metal storage cabinets with lock help you to organize your working place and also a beautiful add up in the place. They facilitate your workers and members to keep their important files or equipment secure and organize.

Locker Storage Cabinet

LW- Locker Storage Cabinet Profile

LW locker storage cabinet profile is very strong. We provide three-year guarantee and in case of damage
during shipment free replacement and repairing has been done.

LW offers variety of colors in metal locker storage cabinet including Pale blush pink, sky blue, green, silver,
brown, dusky rose pink, white, mustard yellow, slate grey.

Metal storage cabinet with lock are come in variety of styles, design, shape, texture and size with removable
and adjustable shelves. We have innovative and reliable lock designs including fingerprint sensor ones or can
be customized according to your wish.

Application of Locker Storage Cabinet

Locker Storage Cabinet for Bedroom
Locker Storage Cabinet for Office
Locker Storage Cabinet for School
Locker Storage Cabinet for Pantry
Locker Storage Cabinet for Gym

LW- Authorized Dealer of Locker Storage Cabinet

LW is a trusted company running its business successfully over the globe from past many years.

You can guess our popularity by knowing that we are serving almost all sectors. Our engineers and staff are highly trained and are equipped with the latest technology.

Our customers are our top priority. LW metal locker storage is designed and styled in that way that it is suitable for all places either it is your workplace, school, house or your kid room.
Metal locker storage cabinet are extremely strong with a lot of capacity to store things. With the feature of adjustable shelves, it is quite popular among our customers.

Metal storage cabinet with locks have high demand in the market. LW ones are quite popular due to its unique locking ideas, digital locks etc.

You no more need to worry about your stuff because our cabinets are available that not only keep your stuff safe but also organize.

So order now or send email in order to get more information!