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LW Super Quality Magnetic Whiteboard

LW is a Chinese company that deals with the manufacturing and selling of whiteboards and other products. We have a great experience of 15 years in the manufacturing and marketing of the products.

We own diverse machinery and the facility of the CAD system. We own Our products are of superior quality. Our products are sold in quantities both on a national and international level and the magnetic wall board is one of them.

There are several categories of whiteboards available at LW and magnetic dry erase board is one of them. A magnetic whiteboard is constructed with a steel sheet and coated with a white surface on the top.

Since the magnet is attracted to ferromagnetic materials like steel so it sticks quite well to the . Magnetic wall board is
used frequently in education departments, offices, working places, etc.

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LW Magnetic Whiteboard Product Classification

Magnetic glass whiteboard

Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Magnetic glass whiteboard is high quality and durable from the magnetic white board that has complete specifications and a beautiful appearance. It adds an aesthetic look to the offices and working space.

Mini magnetic whiteboard

It is small in size and used as a personal whiteboard for refrigerator walls, fridge, and a handheld mini whiteboard for Kids and Students.

Mini Magnetic whiteboard
desktop Magnetic whiteboard

Desktop Magnetic Whiteboard

It is a dual-sided desktop whiteboard usually 16 x 12 in size. It is a useful addition to any desktop, or
workspace at home, or in the office.

Portable Magnetic Whiteboard

This mobile form of magnetic whiteboard comes in a dual-sided writing surface and features 360˚ revolving. It has rolling wheels that help you to make it move easily from one location to the other. It is usually medium
or large.

portable Magnetic whiteboard


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How Is LW Magnetic Whiteboard Unique

One stop service

LW has a one-stop service structure where we provide the customers with many services and benefits in a single location.


LW manufactures high-quality products that meet a huge number of customers. We give affirmative warranties for the quality of the product being sold.

Effective Resistance

Our premium quality magnetic white board is scratch-proof. It is nonporous which makes writing quite simple and smooth.


Our products are within most customers' budgets which enabled the customers to purchase from LW at an affordable price.

Customization Service

LW offers customers to identify their preferences. LW customization service is designed to the action of altering the products and services to match your preferences and requirements.

On-time delivery

LW delivery service ensures timely delivery of the products. We dispatch the products within a short period even in the case of international orders.

Customer service

LW customer service ensures the customer is satisfied with the product and the services being provided. Our team delivers highly professional and helpful service.

Magnetic whiteboard manufacturer

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LW, Magnetic Whiteboard Manufacturer High- Profile

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Magnetic whiteboard for education departments
Education Department
Magnetic whiteboard for offices
Magnetic whiteboard for working space
Working space
Magnetic whiteboard for conference rooms
Conference rooms

A Trust-Worthy Brand For Magnetic Whiteboard

LW is popular for its services and quality products. Our magnetic dry erase board and magnetic glass board are counted in our hot-selling products.

Our premium quality Magnetic wall board has unique features that make it different from regular magnetic whiteboards.

Our priority is to achieve the trust of our customers through our quality products and services.

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