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LW Magnetic whiteboard for fridge Production Company

The magnetic whiteboard for fridge our company is manufacturing is a fridge whiteboard. You can write down your schedule for the day in this fridge will also help in teaching your kids in the comfort zone of your kitchen.

This fridge whiteboard comes in the any size you is a spacious product which gives you a lot of space to write down whatever you want.

We are providing this fridge whiteboard with its extra accessories like markers and erasers. These accessories for fridge are magnetic which is a great benefit .

You can use the markers and erasers are very handy i.e. you can use them any time; no need to search for it every corner of the house or office.

You will get an outstanding quality of fridge whiteboard. The magnetic dry erase board for fridge will help you to write down the important memories of the day.In the conference room it is used to write down the important points of the meeting. 

We are making these elegant and modern magnetic whiteboard with up to the minute machinery.our  magnetic white board for fridge are the best sellers.

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Classification of magnetic whiteboard for fridge

dry erase magnetic whiteboard for fridge

Dry erase magnetic whiteboard for fridge

The  dry erase magnetic whiteboard comes in the size of 24”36”.it can easily be installed .whiteboard marker,2 magnets and 1 pen comes along with the magnetic dry erase board for is a smooth textured magnetic whiteboard for fridge.

The glass magnetic whiteboard for fridge

The glass magnetic whiteboard for fridge is a dry erase board for is a modern invention .it gives a unique style to your office and homecas we are manufacturing it with a top quality modulate glass. The modulate glass will give it a smooth surface. Here is another benefit of these magnetic whiteboards that it is both magnetic and nonmagnetic.

the glass magnetic whiteboard for fridge
the poreclain magnetric whiteboard for fridge

The porcelain magnetic whiteboard for fridge

The second type of magnetic board for fridge is made with porcelain which is totally an is an superb choice for schools and office specially conferences is a heavyweight product which can be used for a long period of time.


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Why LW is the best choice for Manufacturing of magnetic whiteboard for fridge

· LW the reliable and conclude attribute

When you choose our company then it’s our first priority to give you the most reliable and conclude magnetic whiteboard for fridge. We are the name of quality and trust. We manufacture the magnetic whiteboard with great effort.

LW and multiformity

You will not get just one type of magnetic whiteboard in LW. There are so many choices for our will get the product with any shape and size which is totally depend on you

LW and passing on the copy

Before the final product our company will provide you the sample of magnetic is so that you can change anything you want us to change in the product like shape or size.

LW cooperation with clients

We have gathered up a team of professional and trained members. This team is ready to solve the quires of our valuable clients 24 /7.our team is always there for you..

magnetic whiteboard for fridge

LW suppliers of magnetic whiteboard for fridge

  • Size of magnetic whiteboard for fridge:

We are providing the standard size of magnetic whiteboard in 17 x 11 .however you have a total freedom to customize the size

  • Colors of magnetic whiteboard for fridge:

LW is giving you the magnetic whiteboard in the color of give the elegancy to your classroom or working place.

Applications of magnetic whiteboard for fridge

magnetic whiteboard for fridge ( home )
magnetic whiteboard for fridge( office )
Conference room

LW the Superior Quality magnetic whiteboard for fridge:

We don’t only deal with magnetic whiteboard but also refrigerator whiteboard, white board for fridge and refrigerator dry erase board. 

The normal weight of this magnetic board is 8.8 ounces .the outstanding quality can be seen through its smooth surface. 

Our team checks the whole process of its manufacturing and makes sure to deliver the product in time. The material we are using for product is not very costly. 

You can order it in bulk also which will save your money. We are giving more than one options for these magnetic whiteboard. You have many choices to select any of them mentioned above. 

Our fabrication services will give you the best magnetic white board for fridge. fridge white board is a great choice according to the modern means and need of a conference room.

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