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LW: Metal Box Drawer Expert

Metal box drawers are a practical and economical solution to the age-old problem of finding the right tool in your own workshop or garage.

They’re also great for food storage, small parts organization, parts cleaning, nuts and bolts storage, or garage gym equipment organization if you’re making room for a new season of home workout gear.

Metal box drawer frames are typically either powder coated steel or aluminum, which is lighter than steel but just as durable.

These materials can be utilized as a stand-alone container for your workshop or in combination with other containers for large storage solutions.

Metal Box Drawer

With a sturdy base and lockable, ball-bearing slides, our Metal Box Drawer can be used to store tools and hardware, craft supplies, or any other valuables you need to keep locked away and out of sight.

Our metal box drawer is a perfect storage solution for any office, garage or home.

This metal box drawer is built to last with its powder-coated steel frame and polyethylene drawers, ensuring that it retains its structure and function for years to come.

Metal Box Drawer


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LW: Metal Box Drawer Expert

Leading manufacturer with many years of experience.

We are a leading manufacturer of Metal Box Drawers with many years of experience. Our mission is to provide you with high-quality products, on time delivery and low price. We will work diligently with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Quality and customer service are our top priorities.

Quality and Customer service are the top priorities of our organization. We offer our customers not just a good product but an efficient service too. We are passionate about finding the right solutions for our clients. Our team of professionals can advise on the best possible design and materials to ensure that your requirements are met with no compromise.

We’re proud to offer you high quality products at low prices.

As one of China's leading manufacturers of metal box drawers, we're proud to offer you high quality products at low prices. Our products are durable and sold in different designs to meet all your needs. If you're looking for a reliable supplier that can meet your long-term needs, then we should be your first choice.

Award-winning manufacturer of metal box drawers.

LW is an award-winning manufacturer of metal box drawers. We are known for our innovative designs, exceptional quality and delivery. We specialize in producing custom steel & aluminum boxes and drawers. Our products range from simple drawer units to complex systems of shelving and cabinets.

Metal Box Drawer

Why You Should Utilize Metal Box Drawer

It gets the job done!

Metal box drawers get the job done. They are durable and easy to use. A Special advantage of metal box drawers is that they can be stacked on top of each other, which helps save precious space in your home or workplace. Metal Box Drawers are a great solution for many industrial environments. They are rugged, durable, and provide maximum strength. A metal box drawer is easy to lift and maneuver in any environment. Whether you have outdoor storage needs or working in an office setting, Metal Box Drawers are a great fit for your use case

Great solutions that come in many shapes and sizes!

You can find many various storage options for items such as CDs, DVDs, paper files and more. Metal box drawers are a great solution not only because they come in many shapes and sizes but also because they have a contemporary style which makes them look great in any décor. You can purchase these in your local office supply or retail stores at very affordable prices compared to other types of file drawers. For the small cost of purchasing one of these units you will get years of use for whatever your need may be.

Common Metal Box Drawer Applications

Metal Box Drawer for Homes
Metal Box Drawer for Industrial Environments
Industrial environments
Retail Stores
Metal Box Drawer for Offices

LW: Metal Box Drawer Expert

Metal box drawers provide extra storage and organization. The heavy duty steel construction is durable and economical, ensuring years of service.

Metal box drawers are stackable and can be used with other metal boxes to create a larger storage system. Metal box drawers are sturdy, efficient, and durable.

They also provide added security to your files due to the weight of the metal drawer. Metal box drawers will keep papers and supplies organized, saving you time and money by keeping items in one place.

If you’re looking for a storage solution that can store a variety of different things, the metal box drawer is the perfect choice.

Utilize these pull-out drawers as supplies and they’ll stay organized, or use it to store office documents and supplies.

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