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· Solid construction
· Discrete size and design.
· Pre assembles metal cabinets.

LW Metal Cabinets Manufacturing Company

Our company is manufacturing the metal cabinets with a heavy duty metal. These metal cabinets are best to use for the storing of tools and other accessories .

The metal cabinets allows the better storing space of heavy duty item and helps in organizing the items in a proper way.

We also deal with black metal cabinet and small metal cabinet. We provide certain designs and types of the metal cabinets with different color combination and sizes.

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Classification of Metal Cabinets

Black Metal Cabinet

The black metal cabinet has a black laminate finishing which gives it a graceful look. The benefit of the black
metal cabinet is it can be go through with any color schemes of your space .The black metal cabinet have a
four shelve with the size measurement of 72”Hx 36”x18”D.the black metal cabinet has doors with padlock
and handles.

Blue Metal Cabinet

We also manufacture our stunning the blue metal cabinet. It can also be used in living areas and office.

Green metal cabinet
Green Metal Cabinet

The green metal cabinet is another design of the metal cabinets. We make it with galvanized steel which is powder coated for easy maintenance. The green metal cabinet is very suitable for both your indoor and
outdoor space as well.

Large metal cabinet
Large Metal Cabinet

The large metal cabinet is another product for warehouses. We make it with welded 20 gauge steel.

Red metal cabinet
Red Metal Cabinet

Red metal cabinet is available for both your living rooms and office and your outdoor sitting areas.

Retro Metal Cabinet

The retro metal cabinet is your best choice for kitchen and your laundry areas.

Small Metal Cabinet

The small metal cabinet consists of two shelves .the small metal cabinet has doors with handle and locks
which is a very helpful feature of the cabinet. The small metal cabinet is best used for the office, garage and
home .the size of the small metal cabinet starts from 30’XD 7 17’ x52”Ht.

Tall metal cabinet
Tall Metal Cabinet

The third type of the metal cabinets is tall metal cabinet. The best feature of the tall metal cabinet is it can
store documents, files and many other things .the tall metal cabinet is best for school, classroom and

Two door metal cabinet
Two Door Metal Cabinet

The two door metal cabinets are another amazing product of our company. The main feature of this cabinet is that it has solid constructed doors with latest secure locks. The two door metal cabinet is best is suitable
for office and your industrial areas.

White Metal Cabinet

The White metal cabinet consists of two shelves which can be adjusted and one fixed shelves. We also
manufacture it with comes with doors and secure locks. The size of the, white metal cabinet is 12
inches 10 inches x4 inches.


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Why choosing LW benefits you for manufacturing of Metal Cabinets?

LW is giving reliable metal cabinets

We are manufacturing our metal cabinets with 20 gauge steel which gives strength and durability to the cabinets.

LW has discreet design of the metal cabinets

Our company is offering large variety of the metal cabinets. We are manufacturing 10 different designs of the metal cabinets.

LW has pre ambles metal cabinets

The metal cabinets we are providing you are preambles which mean you will receive the perfect end and final product.

LW the proficient manufacturer of metal cabinets

Size of metal cabinets:

The metal cabinets we manufacture in LW have different sizes according to its design. The general size measurements of the metal cabinets start from 16 inches which is 40.6cm to 24 inches approximately 60.96 cm.

Colors of metal cabinets:

The most elegant colors for the metal cabinets are grey, black, brown and red. Other colors for the metal cabinets are blue, purple, white and many more.

Applications of Metal Cabinets

metal cabinets for convenience store
Convenience Store
metal cabinets for laboratories

LW the Superior Quality Metal Cabinets

LW is providing you the stunning designs of the metal cabinets. We have made this product with latest machinery and modern methods.

We have experiment the metal cabinets with different color and those are selling beyond expectation. The hot selling metal cabinets of our company are re metal cabinets, green metal cabinets and white metal cabinet.

But that doesn’t mean we have just stopped here, our other designs of the metal cabinets are in grey, black and brown color as well.

You can customize the cabinets in different sizes. our best customer care service are always available .

Here is another thing which you need to keep in mind that our shipment is very fast and you do not need to  wait for your product for days ,in fact we deliver our product kin a day or two.

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