Production and Distribution of Metal Drawer cabinet

· On choice manufacturing of metal drawer cabinet
· Shipment at your door step.
· Definitive material
· Distinct color and designs.

LW Metal Drawer Cabinet Manufacturing Company

The metal drawer cabinet is one of the best-selling products of LW. This metal drawer has a huge storage capacity.
The drawers we forged in to this cabinet are exceptional.

These drawers are providing a lot more space for storing your documents, tools, papers, files and many more. The sliding drawers of the cabinet are an additional feature of our outstanding metal drawer cabinet.

Our professional and knowledgeable team members will guide you for the selection of the metal drawer cabinet.

The metal drawer storage cabinet will help in storing everything you need to secure.
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Bench height metal drawer cabinet

Bench height metal drawer cabinet

The very first type of our metal drawer cabinet is bench – height metal drawer cabinet. The cabinets are not
complete install in it, which will help in placing the bench height metal drawer cabinet easily one to another

Moveable metal drawer cabinet

The second type of the metal drawer cabinet is moveable has a maximum 4 to size drawers. The
storage capacity is huge. The storage of daily use things can be sore and organize in theses metal drawer gives protection to the tools from the weather and do not catches rust.

Moveable metal drawer cabinet
Office metal drawer cabinet

Office metal drawer cabinet

The office metal drawers come with wheels and four drawers. This design is a convenience to your house or
working is very handy to use. You can store your files which needs extra care and protection. The
storage of tools and other accessories is not a problem now because of the office metal drawer cabinet.

Mobile file metal drawer cabinet

The mobile file metal drawer is quite similar to the moveable metal drawer cabinet. The difference is that it
has two very gracious drawers with secure locks and also has huge storage capacity .the storage of
confidential documents and important file is not a headache now. Just order this secure and protected
mobile file metal drawer cabinet.

Mobile file metal drawer cabinet


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Why choosing LW benefits you for Manufacturing of metal drawer cabinet?

LW and manufacturing of distinct style metal drawer cabinet

We fabricate the metal drawer cabinet in different styles. Each design varies from one another in storing features. For example some drawer cabinet has two drawer some has 4 and some are featuring 6 drawers. The different metal cabinets has wheels forged in it but it’s according to the customer they want us to manufacture the drawer cabinets with wheels or without wheels.

LW has definitive material for products

LW has a very definitive raw material for the production of different products .we use very strong alloys in the making of our distinct products. You won’t find any low quality material in our products manufacturing.

LW has fast shipment procedure

The shipment of the metal drawer cabinet or any other product we manufacture is very fast. We deliver it on your door step in maximum 2 or three days.

LW offer multiple color and size of products

Our 15 year of experience in this filed is what makes us different from the rest. We always come up with the variation in the manufacturing of products. We are not stick to the one color and just one size of the cabinet; instead you will find multiple color cabinets and different size in our products.

LW the adept manufacturer of metal drawer cabinet

Size of metal drawer cabinet:
The size of the metal drawer cabinet can be customizing according to the space. Just call us and we will guide you about the exact measurement for the metal drawer cabinet. However, the standard size of the drawer cabinet is 18”d 14 “x 24 “respectively.

Colors of metal drawer cabinet:
In LW you will find almost every color for the metal drawer cabinet. Our best-selling colors are white, red, black, matte brown and matte black.

Applications of Metal Drawer Cabinet

metal drawer cabinet for home
metal drawer cabinet for office

LW the Superior Quality Metal Drawer Cabinet

LW deals with the finest quality metal drawer cabinet. This drawer cabinet is your one stop solution. Under one roof you will find almost every color and size of the metal cabinets.

We have designed it specialty with wheels. However you have a choice to order it with wheels and without wheels.

The wheels help in moving the drawer cabinet from place to place. The material we use for our products gives protection to the things you are storing.

The rust is not a headache anymore because the drawer cabinet is rust free; the maintenance of this cabinet is also very easy.

Another amazing factor of LW is that you will get the product in a very short time period. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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