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LW Premium Quality Metal Locker Cabinet

LW is ISO certified manufacturing company and dealer of locking metal cabinets all around the world.We
have a wide collection of locking metal cabinet that are available in different sizes and structure.

The locks installed in the locking metal cabinet are guarding and highly durable. The locks possess a specific
structure so cant be opened with ordinary keys, providing ethical protection.

We manufacture stationary as well as moveable locking metal cabinets. Both these two types of locking
metal cabinets are in demand and have a great demand in the market as well.

They have domestic as well as industrial applications. Our locking metal cabinet is made of premium quality
metal that has great durability and load-bearing capacity.

The tires of the locking metal cabinet are made of high-quality rubber that makes it effortless for you to
move your locking metal cabinet easily.

So, avail the opportunity and book your order now. You will be pleased for sure!

LW Metal Locker Cabinet Product Classification

Stationery Metal Locker Cabinet

It is suitable for small workspaces, garages, and for domestic use. You can easily move it from one place to
other. It keeps things conserved and organized.

Portable Metal Locker Cabinet

This form of lockable metal storage cabinet is moveable. It has rolling wheels that help you to move it easily from one location to the other.

Wall Mounted Metal Locker Cabinet

It can be mounted on the wall. It proves a spacious feature as it frees up the ground space if you are having a small area. It generally comes in small sizes.

Wall mounted metal locker cabinet
Single Metal Locker Cabinet:

This form of metal locker cabinet has single door locker cabinet with adjustable shelves. You can add valuable storage in it. It is suitable for homes and personal working space.

heavy duty metal locker cabinet
Heavy Duty Metal Locker Cabinet

It comes with the choice of multiple door locker cabinet and has number of shelves installed in it. It is compatible for the use in offices, schools, universities, locker rooms, industries and banks. It has large storage


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Benefits Of LW Metal Locker Cabinet


Our locking metal cabinets are highly durable. They have a heavy weight-bearing capacity. The durability of our locking metal cabinet makes it effective for industrial applications.

Economical rate

LW sells the best quality metal storage cabinet with lock in the most affordable rates. Our products are highly economical as compared to the market rates.

Environmental friendly

Our lockable metal storage cabinet is highly environmentally friendly. The premium quality metal used in its production makes it corrosion resistant and gives it an aesthetic shiny look.

Scratch Proof

Our premium quality metal storage cabinet with lock is given finished touch with electrostatic powder that makes it resistant to scratches and other defects.

Metal locker cabinet

LW Metal Locker Cabinet High Profile

Organized structure:
LW provides metal storage cabinet with lock in pre assembled and organized. You can easily install the drawers in metal storage cabinet with lock. The compatible pattern of the metal locker cabinet makes it easy to adjust the drawers in it.

Color and sizes:
LW manufactures the metal storage cabinet with lock in various colors. The color range includes silver, black, dark brown, blue, pink, matte color, and golden etc. You could also customize the metal storage cabinet with lock in your desired color. Metal locker cabinets are manufactured in single, double and multiple doors having large storage space.

The moveable quality of our metal storage cabinet with lock makes it easy to carry from one location to other. You can easily adjust the position of your metal storage cabinet with lock in your place according to your preferences.

LW Metal Locker Cabinet Applications

Metal locker cabinet for wardrobe
Metal locker cabinet for office
Metal locker cabinet for classroom
Metal locker cabinet for industrial locker
Metal locker cabinet for locker room
Locker Room
Metal locker cabinet for bank
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LW- International Manufacturer of Metal Locker Cabinet

LW has been manufacturing top quality metal products for 15 years. We are considered a well developed company all around the world.

Our products are of premium quality. We also give a guarantee of our products to the customers.

We have experienced engineers that make sure to make the products faultlessly and follow modern technology techniques.

Our products are marked as top quality products in the market. Our products rates are budget friendly that make people prefer us.

Our team is highly ethical and professional to deal with customers and make sure to satisfy them with its services.

We provide a fast delivery service Internationally. We have thousands of regular customers all around the world so you would not regret purchasing from LW.

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