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LW Manufacturer- Metal storage cabinet

LW Manufacturer being the top-leading manufacturer in china has been serving its valuable customers by producing exclusive product manufacturers using the highly advanced technique for years.

We offer multiple varieties of metal cabinets that include metal storage cabinets with doors, metal storage cabinets with locks, tall metal storage cabinets, and white metal storage cabinets there is a huge range of varieties varying in shape and size.

The practical use and exterior appearance of the black metal storage cabinet are worth buying. The material and texture of our metal storage cabinet are beyond your imagination.

It doesn’t only provide security and assurance of safety but also adds charm and attraction to the dull walls of your garage, office, or home.

Kinds of Metal Storage Cabinet

Metal storage cabinet with doors

Metal Storage Cabinet with Doors

The metal storage cabinet with doors are constructed with durable polypropylene resin that is easy to maintain and doesn’t peel and rust. There are four adjustable shelves for the configuration of a variety of storage spaces. Metal storage cabinet with doors has a durable mounting design suitable for storing heavy items.

Heavy-duty Metal Storage Cabinets

The heavy-duty black metal storage cabinets are made up of alloy metal with a silver finish, wall mount type have shelves for storing items with stainless steel front doors having a key lock with 5 heavy-duty metal storage cabinet on wheels.

2. Heavy duty metal storage cabinet
2 door metal storage cabinet

2 Door Metal Storage Cabinet

The 2-door small metal storage cabinet is perfect for any room in your house, occupies a small space, and gives much space. It is made of coated powder metal, the light green color adds attraction and charm to your room, and the three shelves are ideal for cleaning and storing purposes.

Metal Storage Cabinet with Locks

The metal storage cabinet with locks whole- in one reinforced storage gauged with steel deluxe frame. There is two additional steel lock which is strong and durable and provides safety and security. The surface of the black metal storage cabinet with a lock is sustainable and eco-friendly free from dust and rust.

4. Metal storage cabinet with lock


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Advantages of Metal Storage Cabinet

Fire Resistant

The advantage of metal storage cabinets is their fire resistant, fastness, moisture resistance, and eco-friendly ability. They stand high in harsh or extreme weather situations having low maintenance and high life expectancy.

Easy to clean

The metal storage cabinet is easy to sweep, clean, and wash. They are resistant to germs, don’t get peel or rust, and rarely need to get repainted thus investing in a metal storage cabinet can be a smarter move.

Multimedia storage

The multimedia storage is another advantage of metal storage cabinet with doors that these cabinets are suitable for storing heavy-duty items whether tools, paint, or hardware.


The parts of metal storage cabinets are pre-assembled means we don’t have to worry about to gathering them and then putting them closer, they are delivered painted, and assembled.

Low budget

The metal storage cabinets have reasonable prices, easy to buy, and avail come within everyone's budget proves to be a good and long-term investment.

The Optimum Metal Storage Cabinet

Customized metal storage cabinet
We deal with all kinds and sizes of metal storage cabinets, or you can customize them according to the required criteria, the in-house designer also designs cabinet space and storage as indicated by our valuable customers.

Quality control
There is quality control over our products, there is a strict check over the production process that results in flawless manufacturing products.

Advanced spraying
The imported spraying is used to spray the metal storage cabinet with locks that protects them from extreme weather conditions and maintains eco-friendly quality.

Fine work
The black metal storage cabinet with doors has a smooth, cutting and painting surface that gives the metal cabinet a fresh and appealing look suitable to use in homes, offices, institutes, and many more.

Applications of Metal Storage Cabinets

Metal storage cabinet in home
Metal storage cabinet at offices
Metal storage cabinet in garage
Metal storage cabinet at locker room
Locker Rooms

LW Manufacturer Produces Best for us

The LW Manufacturer is a reputed brand in china that produces the products which are best for their valuable customers.

Being a leading brand in china they possess the highly-qualified and well-mannered staff that supervise the production process under their guidance.

All the manufacturing and production process is done under strict supervision and the products are delivered to the desired destination on time.

For quality control and check, our technicians are always there to maintain the integrity and stability of our products.

For any details or queries, feel free to contact us as we are always there to help our valuable clients.