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LW is certified, reliable distributor of metal tool cabinets all over the world. We have a wide variety of tool cabinets with 3, 4 to 5 number of drawers and also the customized ones.

They provide excellent protection and help you to keep your tools organized.

We have fixed as well as moveable metal tool cabinets as per your requirement. They are best to use at automotive and industrial applications.

Also, drawers have special smart locks that protect your tool from being theft. Moveable drawer’s wheels are made by high quality oil resistant rubbers.

And they are the way too much sturdy that they can bear quite a heavy load and will never collapse nor put you in difficulty.

So, make sure to choose us and avail the opportunity. You will please for sure.

LW Metal Tool Cabinet Product Classification

Stationery Metal Tool Cabinet
Stationery Metal Tool Cabinet

They are suitable to keep small tools saved and organized and are compatible for small workspace, garage or
working area. Moreover, you can easily carry them with you.

Roller Drawer Metal Tool Cabinet

LW roller drawer metal tool cabinet is ideal for professionals and bigger workplaces. You can keep as much
tools as you want due to its massive size and can also classified them in different sections of drawers.
Obviously with the wheels you can move it easily.

Workbench Metal Tool Cabinet

It is also a large sized tool chest with number of drawers and wheels but what make it unique is its
workbench. The workbench makes it convenient and easy for you to access tools while working as they come
under your hand. That will also prevent from getting your tool misplaced while dealing with number of tools
at a time.

Stool sized Metal Tool Cabinet

LW stool-sized metal tool cabinet allows you to sit over it while working and also easily get access to your
tools. It is so much comfortable that you can sit over it for long time without getting tired. You can also o
around your workplace while sitting on it.

Hand Carry Metal Tool Cabinet

They are suitable for the ones who roam around and do repairing works mostly. It can be easily carried
anywhere due to its compact size.

Wall-mounted Metal Tool Cabinet

That one as the name shows are mounted on wall and free up ground space. LW offers you customized one
that match to your wall texture and aesthetics.


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Benefits- LW Metal Tool Cabinet


Metal tool cabinets are durable and reliable. They are sturdy you can store kilograms of weight in it. They are not easy to break so run over a long period of time so are wise choice.

Easy to maintain

They don’t need daily basis cleaning and rarely need to be painted so easy to maintain so proved to be economical and environment friendly.

Scratch Proof

LW metal tool cabinets are finished with electrostatic powder that make it scratch proof that save your tools from getting damaged due to accident or impact.

Metal Tool Cabinet

LW Metal Tool Cabinet High Profile

  • Pre-assembled & Adjustable:

They are mostly pre-assembled so you don’t need to worry about arranging it alongside we provide such models that drawers can be removed and adjust according to your need.

  • Colors:

LW offers diverse range of colors for your metal tool cabinet that meet your aesthetic and also beautify your workplace. They are available in brown. Blue, black, silver and any customized color.

  • Portable:

They are easy to carry and are quite popular at garage and automotives. Either the wheel is installed or handles are available to conveniently move it at your desire place. You can easily keep your tools with you due to this application.

Applications of LW Metal Tool Cabinet

Metal Tool Cabinet for Automotive
Metal Tool Cabinet for Plumber
aluminum truck bed drawer tool box

LW- International Distributor & Manufacturer of Metal tool Cabinet

LW is serving you from a long time. Our products are reliable and we also give guarantee for one year.

Beside manufacturing and customizing we also provide side services of repairing, painting and assembling etc.

Our metal tool cabinet help you to organize and store your equipment and also provide protection. Further you can also carry them around your workplace easily.

Or customers are our first priority, our professionals are highly trained equipped with modern technology.

Avail our service now and you will definitely be going to love our product.

So, hurry up and place your order now!