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LW Motherboard Heatsink Production Company

The fabrication of the motherboard heatsink is a very crucial procedure. The motherboard heatsink works as a cooling device for the processing units of any system (CPU).

When the CPUs get heated then it needs to be cool down which can only be done with the help of a heatsink. Our motherboard heatsink will make the working of your devices smoothly.

We have designed the motherboard heatsink with the aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is considered to be the very strong metal .it has an additional property which is very lightweight . It is also less expensive as compared to copper.

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Classification of Motherboard Heatsink

Active motherboard heatsink

Active motherboard heatsink

The very first type of motherboard heatsink is a type in which a system or CPU needs a cooling fan. The high temperature in your device may cause damage .the excess heat needs to be cool for that we have designed the active motherboard heatsink. This fan is attached with the heatsink. The fan regulates the fresh air from outside and keeps the device cool.

Passive motherboard heatsink

The second type of motherboard heatsink is passive motherboard. The specialty of this heatsink is that it doesn’t need any cooling fan for the excess heat of the device. It is used for the small devices which do not get heated up on large scale.

passive motherboard heatsink
Aluminium motherboard heatsink

Aluminium motherboard heatsink

We have our third type of the motherboard which is aluminium motherboard heatsink. We have designed this product in a way that it consist of small and thin is not a costly product instead it will save your money. Aluminium motherboard heatsink are very durable and does not need any special care because aluminium itself is a strong metal.

Finned motherboard heatsink

The finned motherboard heatsink is made with the extrusion process. The raw material is forged into the sliced consumes the large space and works very efficiently. The finned of the heatsink acts as a cooling agent and allows the air flow from outside very smoothly.

Finned motherboard heatsink
Pinned motherboard heatsink

Pinned motherboard heatsink

The pinned motherboard heatsink is made with the metal like is also known as a pin fin motherboard takes more surface area of the device than the finned motherboard requires high maintenance and care.


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Why LW Is Your Best Choice for Motherboard Heatsink

Maintained quality and standard

We have maintained our 15 year of excellence in manufacturing high quality motherboard heatsink. Our top quality motherboard heatsink will make your device work will cool down the excess heat .it increases the working life of your device for years.

Quick dispatching

Our company is giving you the advantage of quick delivery of the product. We deliver the product very soon at your door steps.

Professional team for client’s queries

We have some amazing and dedicated team members who work day and night just to make sure you do not left with the queries.

Outstanding assembly services

The quality of our products is what makes us different from others. We observe each and every detail of manufacturing or fabrication procedures.

LW your best choice for Motherboard Heatsink

  • Size of motherboard heatsink:

It is very important what size do you need for the is based on the motherboard .the general size we are providing is 45mmLx45mm Bx10MMH.

  • Color of motherboard heatsink

The selection of color for motherboard should be done properly. If you are selecting light colors for the motherboard heatsink then it won’t work properly. Dark color is best for the motherboard heatsink because it helps to balance the fresh air in the heatsink.

Application of Motherboard Heatsink

Computer system.
motherboard heatsink for CPUs
motherboard heatsink for LEDs

LW: The top most Quality Motherboard Heatsink

The motherboard heatsink we manufacture is highly beneficial for your devices. Whenever a motherboard gets heated up it is highly prone towards the malfunctioning.

We have designed this heatsink so that your device works properly for years without any fault.

The heatsink will helps to cool down the motherboard. The heatsink is a modern invention because it only works for the latest processing units.

We forged the metal into different shapes and types of the heat sink for motherboard. We have a huge variety of motherboard heatsink .

You can select it from our classification section. We are ready to serve our valuable customer from every corner of the world.

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