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Two Major Motor Heat Sink Types

Active Motor Heat Sink
Active Motor Heat Sink

An active motor heat sink is a cooling device for systems that generate a lot of heat. Its aim is to allow
additional heat generated during heavy-load operation to be dissipated by circulating air through the device.
As a result, even if the air temperature outside the system is too low for it to function correctly, such systems
can retain the required level of performance.

Passive Motor Heat Sink
Passive Motor Heat Sink

The use of passive motor heat sinks to dissipate heat in electrical circuits is a revolutionary concept. These, like other passive devices, have no moving parts, such as fans or pumps, and instead rely on convection to disperse heat energy rather than forced air movement. They are more dependable because they do not have any moving parts. They should, however, have constant airflow across their fins.


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As a top motor heat sink manufacturer and distributor in China, we understand the importance of delivering excellent service to our customers. We aim to offer a wide range of products at the most affordable pricing to our consumers. Each motor heat sink is extremely long-lasting, dependable, and cost-effective.

Long-Standing Two-Way Relationship

We've had a long-standing two-way relationship with our customers. We recognize the value of peace of mind and provide high-quality services and motor heat sinks that keep our customers coming back. Our heat sinks are built to last and come with a one-year warranty against faults in materials and workmanship.

Fully Customizable For Your Needs

Heat sinks for your motors are something we can do because we have the factory and the capability to do so. You can either create a motor heat sink to meet your specific demands or we can give a pre-designed solution that meets your needs. We'll listen to your needs and develop parts that are designed for long life and enhanced performance for items already in production. We are committed to retaining our position as the market's top manufacturer of motor heat sinks.

The Difference Between Aluminum Motor Heat Sinks and Copper Motor Heat Sinks

Aluminum Motor Heat Sinks

A motor heat sink made of aluminum is a heat exchanger that transfers heat from an electrical or mechanical
equipment to a fluid medium like air or liquid coolant. Aluminum is the most suitable material for motor heat
sink. Extruded aluminum heat sinks could bring excellent performance for different project.

Copper Motor Heat Sinks

Copper heat sinks use a copper coil to dissipate heat. Although it is 80 percent heavier than the aluminum
heat sink, its thermal conductivity is 15 percent better. Aluminum motor heat sinks are commonly employed
in items to make them lighter and less expensive while copper is used when thermal conductivity is more
important than cost.

Motor Heat Sink Applications

motor heat sink for rc cars
RC Cars

When you install motor heat sinks on your RC Car, it will keep other components cool and lower the
operating temperature. You will obtain a cooler running car, lessen the risk of other components being
damaged, and make your equipment function more efficiently and last longer!

motor heat sink for motorcycles

Because of their fast speed, motorcycles are also prone to heating up because more speed means more
engine usage which could cause a lot of stress to the engine and thus heat up. While this can be easily
remedied by the usage of motor heat sinks, it also requires proper usage to effectively last long.

motor heat sink for buggies

Buggies are terrain vehicles that require a lot of temperature regulation as well just like any other vehicle.
These buggies are often exposed to harsh sunlight that makes them more vulnerable to overexposure and
thus require a solid motor heat sink to not break down. Combined with proper hardware, buggies won’t
break down.

motor heat sink for trucks

A lot of truck engines require massive temperature control due to the massive weight of the vehicle. This
causes the need for motor heat sinks for these humongous vehicles that makes it easier to regulate the heat
and make it last way longer.

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We guarantee that each product will be supplied to you at the most affordable pricing, in addition to solid product quality. Please feel free to contact us for additional information about the motor heat sinks. 

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