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LW Manufacturer- Office Whiteboard

Since whiteboards are an essential tool required for any functioning environment and they help us to organize, create and plan ideas to functionalize our work.

Whether in an educational institute or any office and whiteboard for room, the home office white board is required to carried-out a specific task, exclusively in workplaces, a whiteboard plays a particular role in organizing plans, designing, and developing work strategies among the staff.

LW Manufacturer makes all kinds and sizes of home office whiteboards with the highest grade material available in different frames, making for alternative purposes. We also made customized whiteboards according to the demands of our clients.

Our home office whiteboards are specially made with high-grade material and then embedded in a high-quality frame with innovative styles to bring out the best quality glass board for office at your place.

As whiteboard brings different people to work together, share ideas and help to generate creative ideas and become more collaborative.

Products of Office white board

1. Magnetic dry whiteboard

The magnetic dry whiteboard

Magnetic dry whiteboard is made with a highly durable magnet easy to erase and is used for making notes, presentations in meetings, and many more. It has a smooth surface and there is no stain left when you erase the marker. Carefully embedded in a black frame suitable for use at home, in an educational institution, or an office. 

Glass office whiteboard

The glass board for office has a frameless appearance and can be mounted easily on walls and can be a focus of attention. It is easy to clean its surface every time. It is multifunctional, has magnetic steel glass behind its back that provides durability. It is also green guarded or chemical resistant suitable for indoor office uses.

2. Glass office white board
3. Wall mounted office whiteboard

Wall-mounted office whiteboard

The wall-mounted whiteboard comes in 48″ x 36″ size it has a good and smooth writing surface. It is strong and durable because of the silver-aluminum finished frame. IT can easily be mounted on a wall both horizontally and vertically.

Portable office whiteboard

Another product of the whiteboard is an adjustable whiteboard suitable to carry at remote places. It comes with movable hooks for hanging papers, is easy to wipe, and gives you a smooth writing experience. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it suitable for outdoor meetings.

3. Wall mounted office whiteboard


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Benefits of a whiteboard

Improved engagement

Improved engagement is a great benefit of the home office whiteboard as staff from the overall office come together at a single table, discuss details, identify the problem and try to find out the solution by engaging and focusing on a common point. Increase


Focusing on a common point while sitting in the same office and looking towards the goals written on the whiteboard boast motivation among office staff, and they start to work together for the required task that increases the production rate in office work.


Another benefit of whiteboards are that they are environmental-friendly. It keeps the environment safe and secure, and then there will be no waste of papers and dust.


The home office whiteboards are reliable, strong, and firm. You can draw, write notes and quotes, and trigger the staff's attention without difficulty. When framed in a good-quality material they are reliable to mount on your office wall.

Easy installation

The installation of the whiteboard is easy and convenient. This is suitable whiteboard for room on your home or any workplace.

Office whiteboard

The optimum quality whiteboards

  • Multi in functional

Our high-quality whiteboards are made for multi-purposes. In glass board for office you can take an interactive session at your workplace, or you can take notes and discuss matters together by writing or drawing on our whiteboard.

  • Other accessories

There is also an accessory tray that comes with our whiteboards. There is an eraser, markers, and a screw to hang and adjust them according to your need.

  • Custom-made whiteboard

We also made customized home office whiteboards according to the specific place whether you are making it for home, glass board for office, or outdoor use. The whiteboard is made with high-grade material to provide you with convenience for your work.

Applications of office whiteboard

Office whiteboard in making presentation
Making presentation
Office whiteboard in generating ideas
Generating ideas
Office whiteboard in interactive session
Interactive session
Office whiteboard for notes

LW Manufacturer- Helps you to assign office work

LW manufacturer made good-quality of home office whiteboard required at your workplace for carrying out the day-to-day task.

Bringing people together at a single table, discussing problems, having brainstorming ideas, and creating a healthy work environment.

We can also make customized home office whiteboards like glass board for office or wall- mounted whiteboards.

According to the specific requirement of clients no matter whether you are making it for office use, for home, or any workplace.

We are always there to help you out and provide products that are best for you. For order, do contact us.