Production and Distributions of Oval Aluminum Tubing

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LW Oval Aluminum Tubing manufacturing Company

In LW we make oval aluminum tubing with modern means. Oval aluminum tubing is made with high quality 6061-t aluminum. Our latest production machinery manufactures fabulous oval tubing.

LW oval aluminum tubing has large scope in transport areas, in making of water geysers, several ornament material and in industrial field. We customize our oval aluminum tubing according to the demands of our valuable customer.

We have the best experience of 15 years in the field of making oval aluminum tubing. We have a team of amazing retainers which provide the best customer service. 

Demo product tryout is available in LW. During the manufacturing process our team inspects the procedure intently. We deliver our best quality products instantly.

Approach our team to tailor your products with top quality material.

Classification of Oval Aluminum Tubing

Oval aluminum 1-1/2” tubing

The benefit of this type of oval aluminum tubing is it convenient to use in railing of different staircase, resting table, as it is flimsy, which make it different from other type of oval tubing.

Oval aluminum 1-7_8’tubing
Oval aluminum 1-7/8’tubing

 A very first type of oval aluminum tubing is 1-7/8”, it comes in length of 20m .as it is made with standard aluminum it gives high strength and support. The plane area of oval aluminum tubing is touched with approx. 320 has a wide use in railings and sitting or relaxing stools.

Oval aluminum 3” tubing
Oval aluminum 3” tubing

This lightweight type of oval aluminum tubing is manufacture with special aluminum of 0.065 and 6061-t6. The standard size of this oval tubing comes in 2 1/8” and 3 /2” of dimension and width it is so lightweight and convenient it is mostly use in painting equipment and many more.

Oval Aluminum 4” Tubing

As it is also made with aluminum of 6061-t6 which is insurance of its is also use in fence of stairs. Oval aluminum 4” is very fine is shape.


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Why choosing LW benefits you for Manufacturing of Oval Aluminum Tubing

LW offer definitive products

We use reliable material for our products which is the identity of our company. We under observe our products manufacturing till the final product is made.

LW is ready to give distinct variety

When manufacturing a product LW keeps its standard high by making variety of products shape. Our company is offering flat sided oval aluminum tubing, oval to round aluminum tubing and many more.

LW Allocate consignment

By choosing LW our clients will have a bonus advantage, which is, we consigned our products in a very short time span. Complementary product try out is another great aspect our company.

LW tends to prefer customer choice

Skilled team of LW tries their best to give priority to the customer choice. We customize the product according to the preference of our valuable customers.

LW inspects the products

As LW competent enough to give the top quality products manufacture with the up to the minute means or machinery. In LW oval aluminum tubing is fabricate with imported aluminum, this give the plus point for long use of product.

LW expertise of oval aluminum tubing

LW produces the oval tubing in verity of shape with standard quality aluminum. Oval tubing is likely be used in different furniture and railings.

  • Size of Oval Aluminum Tubing:

Usually oval aluminum tubing comes in size range from 23.5x 13×1.5mm to 200x130x3mm respectively. 

 Colors of oval aluminum tubing:

LW has a different colors variety for oval tubing but grey, silver and copper are most popular because they can match with any interior.

Applications of Oval Aluminum Tubing

Bed Frame
oval aluminum tubing for crutches
Outdoor Furniture
Tent Poles
oval aluminum tubing for wheelchair

LW the Superior Quality oval aluminum tubing

Our company makes oval aluminum tubing with modern equipment the process of making oval aluminum tubing starts with slug of aluminum, trimming and coating at the last. 

We tailor the oval aluminum tube it can be used as straight form and coil form as well. Our astonishing oval aluminum tube consist of series of alloys which are 2000, 3000, 5000 and 6000.

LW has a best customer service which is the sign of our professionalism that we care most about our client requirement. our company is known for its modern techniques and equipment  . 

We can give you the best manufacturing service which you want.

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