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LW: Passive Heat Sink Expert

The use of passive heat sinks is generally affordable and easy to implement. Aluminum, copper, and steel are just a few of the materials that can be used to create them.

The properties of a passive heat sink are influenced by the material used and the manufacturing method.

Rather than generating heat, passive heat sinks and passive heat dumps only absorb it from the air around them.

An electronic device such as a solar panel or phone charger often generates a lot of extra heat that must be disbursed.

Although it seems pretty straightforward why we should be your manufacturer of passive heat sinks, just a couple of the main reasons are that we offer an incredible array of options in terms of material and size.

We don’t just want you as a customer; we want you as a friend. If something goes wrong, just tell us and we will use our experience and materials to make it right again.

As the leading Passive Heat Sink manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing one-stop consulting services for the production of Passive Heat Sink.

Our passive heat sinks are light, compact and cost-effective. Our focus is on manufacturing high quality products with innovative design using advanced technology.

Passive Heat Sink

Because of its properties, a passive heat sink is the most cost-effective method for removing heat from electronic components and keeping them cool.

This is especially important in mobile electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks where space is limited and electricity consumption must be carefully controlled.

Passive heat sinks are devices used to remove heat from a circuit or device. They work by absorbing heat, transferring it to some other medium and releasing it at a lower temperature.


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LW: Passive Heat Sink Expert

Incredible array of options in terms of material and size.

We could provide custom solutions in both thermoset/thermoplastic and silicones. This means we can meet all your needs, including changing geometry to make sure our components fit perfectly into your application.

LW are professional designer, manufacturer for various types of passive heat sinks.

Because we are China's leading provider of high-quality passive heat sinks, we are your manufacturer. Different passive heat sinks can be designed, manufactured, and supplied by us for varied applications.

Dedicated to providing high quality passive heat sinks.

We are dedicated to providing high quality passive heat sinks to our customers and a lifetime warranty to all of our products. We take great pride in knowing that the passive heat sinks we build will be used by our customers for years to come and always provide reliable performance.

Advanced equipment in the industry.

Manufacturing passive heat sinks with the most advanced equipment in the industry, we can help you solve your thermal issues by creating affordable, high performance solutions. We will be happy to provide you with a free quotation and customize the right passive heat sink for your project.

Why You Should Utilize Passive Heat Sink

They do not require external efforts to cool down devices.

Passive heat sinks are devices that do not require any kind of electrical components to cool down the device, but simply rely on the natural process of heat transfer. This process helps release the heat from the specified area, away from the device. Although it is very slow and ineffective compared to other methods, passive heat sinks are an easy and reliable way of ensuring that your device stays cool.

Designed to manage the heat produced by devices.

 In high-power applications, passive heat sinks are used to regulate the heat generated by the devices on which they are mounted. They achieve this by increasing the component surface area, which improves the device’s ability to disperse heat into the environment. The materials utilized and their location inside a system have a significant impact on the passive heat sink products’ cooling power.

Common Passive Heat Sink Applications

Passive Heat Sink for Electronics
Passive Heat Sink for Gadgets
Passive Heat Sink for Engineering

LW: Passive Heat Sink Expert

Resistors, rectifiers, and transistors all use passive heat sinks to disperse heat from their circuits.

People who don’t care about controlling the flow of heat may use these devices since they are simple and inexpensive.

Active heat sinks are much more expensive than passive ones. However they offer distinct advantages over passive types under certain conditions, but in many cases passive heat sinks can do the job just as well.

Passive heat sinks are more economical to produce; however, they require more space on your circuit board.

You may be looking for a passive heat sink for a variety of different applications. But whether your application is for an LED junction temperature in the range between -20°C to +50°C.

A light emitting diode junction temperature in the range from room temperature up to +300°C, or anywhere in between, we can manufacture a heat sink that matches your needs.

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