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LW: Plate Fin Heat Sink Expert

Plate fin heat sinks are main products of electronics cooling field. Not only do they look great, but they also provide optimal heat dissipation and transfer.

The Plate Fin Heat Sink is an efficiency solution that improves the air flow and heat dissipation. When heat transfer is required, the Plate Fin Heat Sink is the most efficient solution.

It is made of a solid aluminum and copper plate with high thermal conductivity, and has high interchangeability that provides a reliable connection. 

LW’s plate fin heat sink is designed according to these principles and our company is always willing to provide customers with high-quality plate fin heat sinks at reasonable prices

The multiple fins and their large surface area allow for maximum heat dissipation, which prevents equipment from overheating and ensures safe and reliable operations.

Plate Fin Heat Sink

Ordinary heat sinks are inefficient at transferring heat to the ambient air. This can result in hot spots on the processor, which will cause a system crash.

The Plate Fin Heat Sink enhances heat transfer by utilizing a superior surface area and large amount of thermal interface material.

It also uses a smooth, wide fin structure which ensures that air flow is evenly distributed across the full width of the device – ensuring an even temperature distribution.

Plate Fin heat sinks are excellent for applications where a high heat rejection and/or a compact design is required. These are very popular in industrial/commercial HVAC, especially in air conditioning systems.

Plate fin heat sinks could be utilized in a variety of cooling applications. They are used to remove heat from electronic components, the oil coolers on heavy equipment like generators and whatnot.


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LW: Plate Fin Heat Sink Expert

We design according to industry standards and principles.

Plate fin heat sinks are always used in high heat dissipation of electronic devices like power supplies, inverters, and transmitters. With the product development and implementation of aluminum aluminized materials, the performance of heat sinks has reached the highest level. The use of the heat sink requires consideration for the problem of mounting holes and ease of assembly.

Continuous expansion of our plant.

With the continuous expansion of our plant, we have been able to bring our well-equipped production equipment, skilled and experienced staff, and also the state-of-art building into full play. Our company has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of Plate Fin Heat Sink for many years. Our company can provide you with different kinds of Plate Fin Heat Sink at the best price.

We are a leading manufacturer of Plate Fin Heat Sinks.

We are a professional manufacturer of Plate Fin Heat Sink who could provide the best quality products with the most competitive prices. The extensive range of Plate Fin Heat Sinks we offer includes non-standardizer plate fin heat sinks, standardizer plate fin heat sinks, pre-heater plate fin heat sinks and return duct plate fin heat sinks. These products are designed strictly according to the industry norms and tested under various conditions that make them robust for use in oil refineries, petrochemical plants as well as in industries that involve handling of oil & gas like onshore drilling rigs or offshore platforms.

We are a quality-focused company.

Our Plate Fin Heat Sink series is designed and built according to the best industry practices for manufacturing. As a quality-focused company, we guarantee our products have passed rigid in-house testing before shipment and meet international safety standards. Our Plate Fin Heat Sink has been serving our customers for almost two decades. We are able to manufacture more than 220 different heat sinks, with the capability to offer custom options as well. If you want to be our customer and partner, contact us right now!

Plate Fin Heat Sink

Why You Should Utilize Plate Fin Heat Sink

It’s a direct thermal heat exchanger that transfers heat from one fluid stream to another.

Plate Fin Heat Sink is a direct thermal heat exchanger that transfers heat from one fluid stream to another while maintaining a pressure differential. The higher temperature fluid passes over the plate fin surface, at a much slower rate than the lower temperature fluid that surrounds it. An efficient plate fin heat sink allows for more compact and lightweight solutions for heat transfer applications.

Remove thermal energy from one object to another.

Plate Fin Heat Sink, which is a form of heat sink that uses a plate heat sink to remove thermal energy from an object or area. Plate fin heat sinks can be designed and manufactured to remove both sensible and latent heat. The main parts of the plate fin design include the base plate, composite base plate and fins. The fan and header assembly complete the unit’s functionality.

Common Plate Fin Heat Sink Applications

Plate Fin Heat Sink for Petrochemical Plants
Petrochemical plants
Oil Refineries
Plate Fin Heat Sink for Onshore Drills
Onshore Drilling Rigs

LW: Plate Fin Heat Sink Expert

Plate fin heat sinks are designed to dissipate heat from electronic components, and play a key role in the long-term reliability of electronics equipment.

Their design allows them to efficiently cool specific areas of an electronic assembly, such as semiconductor chips or modular components.

Plate fin heat sinks are known for their moderate size, high thermal conductivity and compact design, which makes them ideal for use in many applications.

Plate Fin Heat Sink is designed for high performance and reliability. The number of finned surfaces are increased which provides more contact area between the heat sinks and air flow, resulting in better heat dissipation.

Easy installation, ideally suitable for mass production and/or assembling applications. The Plate Fin Heat Sink has many advantages.

Once the appropriate thermal transfer fluid has been applied, it dissipates heat from the heat source and not only provides outstanding performance in terms of thermal conductivity and cooling efficiency, but also lasts for a long time, saving you money.

The Plate Fin Heat Sink can withstand higher temperatures than other types of heat sinks.

You can use it to test electronic devices at extreme high temperatures, such as those incurred by LED lighting or high-speed circuits.

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