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LW Manufacturer- Portable whiteboard

Since whiteboards are used to plan, create and organize data about the day-to-day routine in a working environment and motivate you to perform the specific task while mounted on your home or office wall.

But, what if you have a meeting outdoor or you have to travel from one place to another as it is a part of your job.

To provide you convenience, LW Manufacturer deals with a high-quality mobile whiteboard that is suitable to carry all around the world no matter where you are traveling.

We made a flexible and mobile whiteboard that is provided with wheels so you can quickly move it from one place to another.

A movable whiteboard adds flexibility and charm to your place, it also looks cool to carry a mobile whiteboard anywhere and anytime you want.

Classification of Portable Whiteboard

MObile dry erase board

Mobile dry erase portable whiteboard

Mobile dry erase board comes with a silver stand and has 5 universal wheels and a round base that allows it to move freely. The portable dry erase board has a magnetic surface that provides easy writing, it is safe and durable. It also comes with a paper pad so the paper can be hung easily on board with the help of clips provided.

Double-sided magnetic portable Whiteboard’

Double sided magnetic whiteboard is made with an aluminum frame and comes with other accessories. The size of the board is 70×40 inches which is huge enough for any type of use. The movable whiteboard also has a swipe and lock function and its rolling wheels make it portable to carry anywhere you want.

2. Double sided magnetic portable whiteboard
Magnetic dry erase portable whiteboard

Magnetic dry erase portable whiteboard

The magnetic dry erase board is of adjustable heights and comes with a flexible steel tripod stand that helps it to stand firmly in one position. With the help of a flexible tripod stand, you can adjust the width and height of the whiteboard according to your need.

Portable whiteboard with stand

A flexible whiteboard comes with a steel pipe tripod that has rubber feet that make it stand firmly while writing or erasing. The flexible tripod stand can be adjusted according to your height making it convenient for you.

Portable whiteboard with stand


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Advantages of Portable whiteboard

Convenient to carry

A mobile whiteboard is easy to use and can easily be moved from one place to place, whether in outdoor meetings or on trips, you can easily take mini whiteboards as they are easy to carry and portable.


Flexibility is another quality of portable whiteboards. They are flexible and can be folded, providing greater space, it is easy to maintain and store, and providing a smooth writing surface.


The mobile white boards are light-weighted the high quality makes it suitable to carry them from one location to another. The rolling wheel of the whiteboard makes it easy to push.


The portable board is eco-friendly and protects the environment from dust particles, and keeps the atmosphere safe and secure also, there is no waste of paper and use of chalks.

portable whiteboard

LW Manufacturer- Provide the best Portable whiteboard

  • Numerous sizes

There is a great number of sizes of the mobile whiteboard with unique and attractive frames embedded in high-grade material for our valuable customers. You can get any kind and size of whiteboard according to the requirement of your home, classroom, or office.

  • Multiple varieties

We have multiple varieties of portable white boards made from a different materials from the most common melamine sheet to the high-quality porcelain steel we have every kind of whiteboard that is made according to the requirement of the customer.

  • Coated surfaces

Our portable white board is carefully coated with three surfaces to provide it stability and durability. They are coated with a white writing surface, the substrate, and a moisture barrier to make them eco-friendly so they can easily be used in any environment.

Applications of Portable whiteboard

Portable whiteboard in outdoor meetings
Outdoor meetings
Portable whiteboard in educational institution
Educational institutions
Portable whiteboard for classroom

LW Manufacturer Portable White board- your journey partner

LW Manufacturer always prioritizes its valuable customers, and for their convenience, we made high-quality mobile whiteboard.

So they can be your partner in outdoor meetings or any other place you want to go. It assists in organizing, planning, and creating innovative ideas for the location of choice.

Nowadays, the work rate is increasing rapidly in the fast-moving world, and the people are working from every corner of the world.

Whether from remote areas to any construction site to organize your work a whiteboard is needed.

In these places, a mobile whiteboard is considered an ideal board to manage and organize the premises.

Our highly-qualified staff is always there to offer assistance. For any query or details, do contact us.