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We work hard on the fabrication of the ram heatsink. The importance of the ram (random access memory)
can never be denied .

It is supposed to cool down the memory of the computer or any laptop. If you have a computer which is latest and up to the minute then it need to work and store more information .

It has to work faster and quite efficiently. The ram heatsink can separately be installed in the computer.

If you are looking for flawless ram heatsink, which work faster for your computer then you are at a right place.
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Classification of Ram Heatsink

DDR3 ram heatsink

DDR3 ram Heatsink:

The latest models of different operation system are consisting of heatsink which are built in but the CPUs do
not have any heatsink. Heatsink is must have for processing units because it gives the balance to the thermal
or heating procedures of the device. If you have a device or computer which has a Intel board consist of
DDR3 SODIMMs then it’s definitely the DDR3 which needs a DDR3 ram heatsink. The specialty of DDR3 ram
id that it works for the correction of single error in operating system.

DDR4 Ram Heatsink:

The second type of ram heatsink is DDR4 .if you are confused how to check what is the model of the CPU ,it is
very simple and easy just check the back of the ram which shows the markings like the DDR4 SODIMMs which
is a sign that the heatsink you need for your computer is DDR4 ram heastsink.it is a little different type the
former type of the ram heatsink. The difference is that the DDR4 works for ECC errors which are more than
one error, while the DDR3 can correct only single error.it is modern invention and manufactured in 2013.

DDR4 ram heatsink


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Why LW is your best choice for RAM Heatsink

Maintained quality ram heatsink

Our manufacturing of ram heatsink comes with all the pros you can find anywhere else. We are aware that the ram is the basic and most important part of your computer and it needs to work efficiently without any stop or damage. You will find the best ram heatsink in LW which will not only work to make the working of you ram smoothly but also very fast.

Outrageous types of ram heatsink

We have manufactured them with its further types. The types of ram heatsink are latest models in the last few years. We have divided the heatsink for your ram into latest kinds like DDR3 ram heatsink and DDR4 ram heatsink.

Same day shipment

We are giving are offering our clients the same day delivery which is very rare and you will find hardly elsewhere.

The best customer service of LW

LW always put the client first. If you want to customize the ram heatsink according to your liking, we always welcome those clients. We will help you to choose the best and optimal ram heatsink

LW your best choice for ram heatsink

Size of ram heatsink:
The size we are providing you for the ram heatsink is 134mm /5.3 inches in length, 8mm / 0.3 inch in width and 32mm /1.3inches in height. The customization of the size of the heatsink is also available
at LW.
Color of ram heatsink:
The rule for the selection of color is very simple for ram heatsink .The dark color heatsink for your ram will work more than the light color. The reason is that the dark color radiates the heat more
than the light color.

Application of ram heatsink

ram heatsink for ram

LW: The top most Quality ram heatsink

The quality of our fabricated ram heatsink is that it cools down the excess heat that flows from the memory of the processing unit.

The size of the heatsink also matter a lot. We have designed the ram heatsink in
different sizes so that you can choose the size according to your ram.

You will find a lot of benefit of our products .for example some heatsink we manufacture cools down the heat of the memory of CPU as a whole while some heatsink are directly installed on the sticks of the memory.

For your top and premium quality ram heatsink you can contact us any time. We will provide you the best advisors and team members, who will help you to choose the best ram heatsink you can ever have elsewhere.

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