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Why Choose LW Round Heat Sink as Your Suppliers?

LW round heat sink provides you with the best designing group to give you appropriate items for your applications.

LW is trustworthy if you look for a reliable, top-class round heat sink manufacturer and supplier. LW also provides you excellent quality round heat sink at an affordable price.

LW cooperation offers you a low minimum order quantity request. LW is always here to facilitate his customers with the best services.

With LW, you could get quick delivery of LW round heat sink all over the world within 20 days or less.

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Your Leading Round Heat Sink Supplier

LW round heat sink is made up of an aluminum alloy which is lighter in weight and less expensive than copper and any other metal.

LW manufacturer and supplier provide you with an aluminum round heat sink that requires low maintenance that efficiently saves your cost and time. Fabrication on aluminum round heat sink looks more elegant and beautiful. 

LW manufacturer provides you heat sinks with high durability because they are rust and corrosion-proof that enhance the product life.

LW round heat sink has a highly efficient cooling product which is best for Omnidirectional airflow. They are primarily used in medical instruments, high power semiconductors (such as transistors), computers, and many more. 

Round Heat Sink

Advantages of LW Round Heat Sink

Resistance to Corrosion

LW manufacturer offers you round heat sink furnished by anodizing, which helps protect against corrosion and they have the remarkable ability to resist corrosion.

Different Deep Processes

LW round heat sink manufacturer offers you many deep processes, including Cnc, Punching, Drilling, Milling, Tapping, Bending, Cutting, Welding, Assembling. LW also offers custom aluminum fabrication according to your demand.

Quality Assurance

LW is committed to providing you with a top-quality product. LW never compromises on the quality of the product. LW owns a professional inspection team to check the quality of the product and check thoroughly from manufacturing to the Shipment.

Excellent Care Centre

LW provides you with the humble staff and expert team to quickly respond and solve all your problems. LW is always here to offer you after-sale service and guide or help you properly.

Professional Engineering Team

LW has expert engineers and an excellent R&D department to offer you innovative designs and unique ideas for your project and customize the products to meet your needs.


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Product Categories

Your LW Round Heat Sink Design Guide

LW provides various designs for round heat sink and offers you excellent OEM & ODM service to customize our products according to your project requirements.

  • Different Shapes

LW manufacturer provides you standard shapes of round heat sink like circular or customized them according to your demand.

  • Various Colors

You could get all standard colors like silver, grey, black from LW, but it is not the limit with LW. You could also custom various colors that are suitable for your different project.

  • All kinds of Sizes

LW offers you a complete range of standard sizes for round heat sink and you could custom them according to your application.

Applications of LW Round Heat Sink

Round Heat Sink for LED Lighting
LED Lighting
Round Heat Sink for Welding Machines
Welding Machines
Round Heat Sink for Power Supply Apparatus
Power Supply Apparatus
Round Heat Sink for Electronics Industry
Electronics Industry
Round Heat Sink for Inverter
Round Heat Sink for Communication Devices
Communication Devices
Round Heat Sink for UPS Cooling System
UPS Cooling System
Round Heat Sink for Power Transistors
Power Transistors
Round Heat Sink for Optoelectronics
Round Heat Sink for Computers

LW Round Heat Sink Verdict

LW is your leading manufacturer of the round heat sink. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing aluminum extrusion profiles, LW is the most trusted and reliable brand in China.

LW is one of the biggest round heat sink manufacturers and offers many surface treatments to make it looks elegant, like anodizing, mill finish, sandblasted, powder coating, and many more on your request.

LW is ISO certified manufacturer and we also provide complete after-sale service, so with LW,  you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product. LW offers you a one-stop station by providing you with various selections to select the perfect product for your application.

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