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Why Choose LW as Your RV Aluminum Trim Supplier?

LW Company offers you the best quality RV aluminum trim at a low cost. LW manufacturer here to customize the product according to your specifications

We are upgrading our items range to meet constant advancement. LW promises to improve your brand by extraordinary OEM and ODM administration.

LW aluminum supplier customized the product based on your specification. LW company provides a reliable and premium quality product at a low cost. 

LW manufactures solid trims that could bear any damage. Our engineering team builds aluminum trims with perfection to resist corrosion.

LW’s RV aluminum has a rugged texture that enhances its beauty &easily bends or twist with the surrounding. Fifteen years of exportation experience and excellence makes LW one of the best aluminum manufacturer

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Product Categories

LW RV Aluminum Trim

LW RV Aluminum Trim Product Classifications

J Cap RV Aluminum Trim
J Cap RV Aluminum Trim

¾RV drip rails are ideal for 3/8 Materials. These rails are widely used in the architectural millwork, construction, custom, and OEM industries.

Inside Corner RV Aluminum Trim
Inside Corner RV Aluminum Trim

Inside the corner, RV aluminum trims can ideally be used in spaces where two panels join at 90 degrees. It gives a fine finish to the area without showing the corner joint.

C Channel RV Aluminum Trim
C Channel RV Aluminum Trim

LW customizes products according to your necessities. Some industries that use aluminum C channels are awning, construction, restaurants, and hospitals. These channels are also known as slide tracks.

Cove RV Aluminum Trim
Cove RV Aluminum Trim

Architectural millwork, construction, custom, OEM, and retro trim are industries that use aluminum coves, dividers, and corners.

These RV aluminum trims are available in various sizes and lengths. Also, different specialty for this aluminum wall base trim is available upon demand.

Outside Corner RV Aluminum Trim
Outside Corner RV Aluminum Trim

This RV aluminum Trim is also known as a complete radiused out corner. It is commonly used in signages or exhibiting special vehicles.

It and also be utilized with Stackable Slatwall E-7584 as a corner trim. Welcome to inquiry us now !

Hat Channel RV Aluminum Trim
Hat Channel RV Aluminum Trim

RV and motor home, trailer, solar panel, and wall panel industries are some industries that use aluminum hat channels. These channels are available in variable lengths like 3”x 7/8”, 3-3/4”x1/2”, or 3.75”x.50” tall.

Different specialty finishes are available upon request.

Round Channel RV Aluminum Trim
Round Channel RV Aluminum Trim

RV aluminum trim with round channel specifications is commonly used in architectural millwork, construction, custom, and OEM.

Advantages of LW RV Aluminum Trim

Provide Wide Selection

LW RV aluminum trim manufacturer provides you with a versatile range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Also, LW offers you customization to your specifications.

One-Stop Service

From LW, you could get innovative designs & producing solutions and OEM&ODM service from us. LW low your production cost for RV aluminum trim.

Deliver on Time

LW RV aluminum trims supply your product on time. LW is a bona fide manufacturer who is always here to serve you the best product at a given time.


Our professional engineers customize the product based on your project specifications, and our humble staff helps you choose the best products.

Excellent Team

LW Provides you excellent engineering and professional sales team with quick response and solutions to all your problems.

Your LW RV Aluminum Trim Design Guide

LW offers you a wide range of RV aluminum trim with different colors, sizes, and shapes. 

  • Various Colors

LW offers you satin, clear, bronze, nickel, brass, sandalwood, gold, and many more on your demand. AT LW, you can always find the perfect color for your project.

  • Different Shapes

You may get RV aluminum trim in various shapes. Moreover, LW may provide custom-made designs and shapes as per your demand.

  • All Kind of Sizes

LW provides a versatile range of RV aluminum trim profiles. A wide range helps to find the most suitable size for your project. Our passionate & professional team is also there for you to select the correct size.

Uses of RV Aluminum Trim

RV Aluminum Trim for Automobiles
RV Aluminum Trim for Industrial Use
Industrial Use
RV Aluminum Trim for Construction and Building Material
Construction and Building Material
RV Aluminum Trim for Office Furniture
Office Furniture
RV Aluminum Trim for Electronics
Machinery and Equipment

LW RV Aluminum Trim Profile Verdict

LW has 15 dedicated years of excellence and serves its customer with the best service & premier quality RV aluminum trims.

We have the best inspection team. LW never disappoints its customer. LW aluminum supplier is an ISO-certified company so that you can guarantee its reliability and quality.

Aluminum is a light and low-density product that concerned authorities can recycle easily without toxicity and metal pollution.

Our knowledgeable staff & whole team are always there to facilitate you with the best services.

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