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LW small heat sink Production Company

LW uses up to the minute procedure to make small heat sink .Small heat sink are made to cool down any processor which is heated up

Our small heat sink is mostly used in different operating systems to avoid the damage of electronics from heating up. We designed these small heat sinks in a way that it squander the heat. 

LW with 15 year experience could provide best quality for small heat sink and provide the best after-sale service for them.

These small heat sinks are beneficial to cool down the heat of any operating system. it balances the temperature of electronic machinery to prevent it from destroying. Approach us to make your amazing products!

Types of Small Heat Sink

flared fin small heat sink

Flared fin small heat sink

Flared fin small heat sink is made with dispersed number of round pins which are in outward direction. Air flow can easily be passing through these flared pins. Flared fin small heat sinks come in size 0.7 to 2 or 3 as per demand of clients.

Pin –fin small heat sink

Our very first type of small heat sink is pin-fin heat sink. This small heat sink is made with aluminum. Pin fin heat sink is consisting of a base which is made with aluminum and on the upper side of the base is hundreds of pins are forged. Pin fin heat sink could pass air from any side of multi directional.

pin-fin small heatsink
plate fin small heat sink

Plate fin small heat sink

Plate fin small heat sink is made with the strong series of alloy which is 6063-T5.these small heat sink are very strong as it contain aluminum of series comes in the rectangular shape. Plate fin small heat sink is also multidirectional that mean it can allow air flow from any side.


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Why You Should Choose LW for Manufacturing of small heat sink

LW the quality symbol

In LW standard quality material is only used. We have a team of high professional members who constantly check the material quality and manufacturing procedures.

LW vast variety center

LW has a large variety of small heat sink shape .which are square, round shaped small heat sink, rectangular small heat sink .

LW offer rapid shipment

By choosing LW our clients will get an additional benefit of presentation sample offering. Our team takes order from any corner of the world and consigned the product in a very short time span

LW prefers your choice

Our trained team customize the client`s desired product. Small heat sink can be manufactured as per demand of the customer.

LW monetizes the products

Our company never compromise on the quality of its products. LW has latest manufacturing machinery which is under observation of our experts .small heat sinks are made with the top quality material which assures its long term usage.

small heat sink

LW a Skill Trader of small heat sink

As small heat sink comes in many sizes and shapes. Our team tailored the product according to the demand of our customer. We can meet the requirement of our clients.

  • Size of small heat sink:

We are offering size variation of small heat sink from 0.35×0.35 and 0.20 inches. however our clients can customize the size of these profile section.

  • Colors of small heat sink:

The color variety of small heat sink is another very appealing characteristic of our company. We are offering very decent colors for these heat sink which are grey, , silver, bronze and black.

Applications of Aluminum section profiles

Small heat sink for CPUs
Small heat sink for for mobile
Small heat sink for for RAM
operating system CHIP

LW the Superior Quality small heat sink

LW has a trained team and latest machinery for the manufacturing of small heat sink with respect to the demand of customers.

We use greater strength alloy series 6061 and 6063 aluminum for manufacturing of end product. Small heat sink has distinct types or shapes.

These shape and types can be used in different operating system for example pin fin heat sinks are used in CPUs to cool down the system.

Our great small heat sink can be used in different electronics and LEDs to regulate the is also useful in industrial areas for different thermal balance.

Our have best services for our client. We make small heat sinks with with latest techniques like extrusion, skiving, casting, milling and 3D printing.

We can give you the best fabrication service which you want.24/7 helpline is always available to answer the FAQs and quires of clients.

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