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LW: SMD Heatsink Expert

SMD Heatsink is a new phase of the heat pipe cooling technology, which features a high thermal conductivity, low noise and small form factor.

The high thermal conductivity performance allows SMD Heatsink to provide a much better heat dissipation solution than other traditional heatsinks.

SMD Heatsinks are one of the finest cooling solutions available, providing a high performance and great durability.

SMD Heatsinks are used in most electronic devices, power supplies, base stations and many more to reduce the temperature.

These SMD Heatsinks are engineered for high thermal conductivity as well as less thermal resistance to give off high-end results.

SMD Heatsink

SMD Heatsink is the best option to dissipate heat because it allows for a smaller footprint and faster time-to-market.

It is possible to achieve a high efficiency of heat dissipation at both low and high temperatures. A large surface area can be achieved due to the extremely small size of the chips.

This means that SNPSM diode laser power supply is applicable in various applications such as medical, optical communication, industrial process control and security systems.

SMD Heatsinks are used to cool electronic devices such as Integrated Circuits (ICs), power transistors and diodes, bipolar transistors and varistors.

SMD Heatsinks are primarily used in high-power densities, such as power applications or high reliability situations.

SMD Heatsink


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LW: SMD Heatsink Expert

Our prices are unmatched and unbeatable.

SMD Heatsinks are very important for the longevity of any electronic device you use. It will allow you to prolong the life of everything you own, whether it is your phone, laptop or tablet. Our prices are unbeatable and our quality is second-to-none. We use only the finest materials and the most advanced techniques to make a top-quality product that will be sure to withstand anything you throw at it.

We specialize in custom SMD heatsink manufacturing.

SMD Heatsinks are one of our main product lines. It is widely used in electronics, lighting, display and other areas. We specialize in custom SMD heatsink design and manufacture to meet your specific requirements. Our heatsinks are cost-effective, reliable and scalable from sub-miniature to large.

LW is a one-stop-shop for any aluminum product.

LW is a one-stop shop for the supply of anything and everything that you need for your electronics product. We guarantee to deliver high quality, specialist products with our 6-year guarantee at an affordable price. Due to the constantly rising power efficiency, the density of SMD components on a PCB increases rapidly. The demand for high thermal conductivity is also increasing in this context. For this reason, many customers are looking for solutions from manufacturers that are specialized in producing high-quality SMD heatsinks at low cost.

15+ years of SMD heatsink manufacturing experience.

We've been in the SMD heatsink business for over 15+ years. We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing advanced thermal solutions, including heat spreaders and thermal interface material. Our heatsinks with high quality and they are durable, reliable. We also understand that it's an important product to your business, so our team of experts works hard every day to ensure that we deliver top quality products every time.

Why You Should Utilize SMD Heatsink

Unique and advanced way to dissipate heat.

SMD Heatsink is a unique and advanced way to dissipate heat. Instead of using conventional methods such as downward flowing air or thermal pad, this heatsink uses aluminum electrodes embedded in the ceramic insulation of a lead-free PCB to transfer heat through conduction away from the component to be cooled. The use of SMD Heatsink significantly reduces weight and cost while increasing reliability and durability.

Small and thin – reliable for high-density electronic components.

 SMD heatsinks are small and thin, making them suitable for high-density electronic components. SMD Heatsink can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for both standard and custom designs. In addition, they are lightweight and make good use of space because they can be placed directly against the electronic component without increasing the overall height/length of the electronic device or PCB.

Common SMD Heatsink Applications

SMD Heatsink for Laptops
SMD Heatsink for Electronics
Power Supplies
SMD Heatsink for Base Stations
Base Stations

LW: SMD Heatsink Expert

SMD Heatsink is the most innovative and effective way to dissipate heat from electronic components. The metal layer is designed to conduct heat from a circuit board and dissipate it into surrounding air.

It has become an essential component of many inventions in the computing world because of its ability to raise temperatures but make it possible for electronic components to function properly.

This innovation is widely used in such devices as computers, smartphones, laptops and other handsets.

SMD Heatsink is a small part that plays a role in heat transfer. One of the most important operations when we use computers is to cool down CPUs, especially high-end CPUs.

There are many kinds of thermal pastes in the market such as Thermal Adhesive, Thermal Grease, Thermal Pads and so on, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The SMD heat sink is the best solution for powering your electronics in small spaces. Utilizing a small footprint and solid construction.

This heatsink is ideal for embedded systems, automotive and industrial applications operating at high temperatures.

Through our large distribution network, you can find the right part to power your product.

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