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LW: Splayed Pin Heatsink Expert

Splayed pin heatsinks offer many advantages over other heat sinks.

Some of these include: low contact resistance, higher capacity and efficiency, more efficient transfer of heat between the chip and the heatsink, and greater reliability due to better thermal interface.

Splayed pin heatsinks are an excellent way to maximize heat transfer, convective cooling and heat dissipation.

If you’re looking for an easy way to remove heat from your application and maintain consistent performance, then this is a great option.

Splayed Pin heatsinks provide superior heat transfer from internal components to the ambient air. They are specifically designed to result in higher heat dissipation and a lower profile than conventional pin heatsinks.

Splayed Pin Heatsink

The Splayed Pin Heat Sink is a different design that utilizes four or more pins to attach to the CPU.

Splayed pin heatsinks provide a greater surface area for heat dissipation and by doing so, increases the overall performance of your computer.

This is especially evident when overclocking. Utilize our splayed pin heatsink to dissipate heat from your CPU. This allows for better overclocking, increasing performance and stability of your system.

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Splayed Pin Heatsink


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LW: Splayed Pin Heatsink Expert

Long-term cooperation between us and clients.

With the long-term cooperation between us and the clients, we have accumulated great manufacturing experience in this field. We use each workload as our own, understanding your needs and making every effort to meet them. With a variety of products, we have the perfect one for you.

In-house engineering team and facilities.

We design, manufacture and distribute splayed pin thermal solutions. Our in-house engineering team have designed every single splayed pin heatsink we supply, ensuring they are both effective and efficient. Our products are characterized by high quality and proven performance over many years of operation. Our latest innovations include features such as low pressure drop, optimal fin density, thermal conductivity & stiffness

We design to give you the best heat dissipation possible.

Our custom splayed pin heatsink is designed to give you the best heat dissipation possible, while also providing a strong structural base. Our high quality and durable material gives the product a flexible life cycle in different applications. This precision-crafted splayed pin heatsink is crafted from high quality materials to ensure durability and perfect fitment.

We design for a variety of applications and industries.

Our splayed pin heatsink was designed to be used in a variety of applications. The splayed pin design allows for 360° coverage which ensures that heat dissipates evenly and quickly while maintaining maximum contact between the CPU and the heat sink. In addition, our splayed pin creates less stress on the CPU than traditional JP1 heat sinks and enables easier installation

Splayed Pin Heatsink

Why You Should Utilize Splayed Pin Heatsink

They have a greater surface area which can dissipate more heat.

You should utilize splayed pin heatsinks because they have a greater surface area which can dissipate more heat, and they have a higher thermal conductivity than regular, cylindrical products. This means that they are able to transfer heat more efficiently and precisely, resulting in higher performance and longer life for your system components.

Effectively remove heat from the chip that they are attached to.

Simply put, splayed pin heatsinks effectively remove heat from the chip they are attached to through a combination of improved convective transfer, enhanced airflow and increased thermal resistance. They are commonly found in high performance audio and hi-fi products that require a significant amount of power without sacrificing performance.

Common Splayed Pin Heatsink Applications

Splayed Pin Heatsink for Computers
Splayed Pin Heatsink for Gadgets

LW: Splayed Pin Heatsink Expert

Splayed Pin Heatsinks can be extremely high performing and efficient. They provide high surface area, which allows for the dissipation of heat energy.

This results in better heat transfer rates, prolonging the life cycles for components and extending their operational capacity.

When implemented into a computer case design, it has the ability to improve performance because it increases air flow over electronic components that are running at high temperatures.

Splayed Pin heatsink not only has a better thermal performance than other types of pin heatsinks, but also allows for easier mounting than standard pin heatsinks.

It can be installed on any PCB with only 1 orientation, and features a high quality base plate design to provide effective heat transfer from the IC to the base.

Whether your application is producing high power or high frequency, this type of pin heatsink is sure to meet your needs.

Splayed pin heatsinks are one of the best heatsink options for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

They have a high efficiency and low noise output. Splayed pin heatsinks can be made in different sizes, providing optimal thermal conduction.

They are also durable, long lasting and easy to clean.

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