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Electronic experts and amateurs alike like square heat sinks.

We investigated various types of heat sinks and discovered that square ones are more affordable than other shapes while maintaining a lower thermal resistance.

It also makes no difference in terms of size or thickness, since it will be utilized in combination with a thermal glue and the substrate material selected for your PCB.

Due to its greater surface area and capacity to disperse more heat, square heat sinks are an excellent alternative to classic heat sinks.

These square heat sinks may be mounted horizontally or vertically and are a must-have for anybody wishing to overclock their computer or just cool it down.

Square heat sinks may enhance the thermal resistance of electronic components by more than tenfold, are lighter than rectangular heat sinks, and have a smaller footprint than circular heat sinks for the same performance.

Square Heat Sinks

Square heat sinks are used to disperse heat generated by electrical equipment.

They are commonly composed of aluminum and copper, but may be cast in resin or plastic as well.

When a heat sink does not need continuous cooling or when there is insufficient interior room for the vapor-phase mechanism, a finned bar may be used in lieu of the fins on a square heat sink.

Because these fins aid in cooling, they are often more effective than finned bars.


LW: Proven Expert Manufacturers of Square Heat Sinks

Compact size and light weight

Heat sinks can be used to provide better operating temperature for thermoelectric cooling products, such as peltier assemblies which are commonly used in conjunction with solar cells in a solar panel inverter or charge controller application. Their compact size and light weight make these devices ideal for portable equipment and allow for easier maintenance access.

Custom-Fit Manufacturing

LW is a manufacturer of high quality square heat sinks. We are experienced in the design and manufacturing of square heat sinks and can produce any size that you need. Our engineers have experience working with both large and small companies, helping us provide custom designs to meet your exact needs.

Automated assembly process and testing equipment.

The goal of this project is to create a low cost, high quality design that is manufacturable and repeatable. By using modern rapid prototyping techniques and lean manufacturing principles, we believe that this can be done. Using a square heat sink has many advantages over traditional round heat sinks. Square heat sinks will work in any orientation, so there will be no need for mechanical adjustments needed for thermal performance.

Better heat dissipation

Square heat sinks, also called square finned radiators, offer a high solution factor and have better heat dissipation than cylindrical heat sinks of similar size. The square shape easily dissipates heat throughout the large surface area while other shapes might restrict it to small areas of the product. If you are looking for a large quantity of heat sinks at an affordable price then we manufacture a wide range of different sizes.

Square Heat Sink

Why You Should Be Using Square Heat Sinks

More Effective Means of Cooling

Square heat sinks are a more effective means of cooling electronics than traditional round heat sinks. Rather than passively dissipating heat with convection, the flat sides of square heat sinks provide direct thermal contact with the surrounding surface area and allow for greater conductivity. The greater conductivity means more heat is extracted from the surface area, thus resulting in more cooling power per unit area.

Increase Computer Efficiency

Square heat sinks are the next step in increasing your computer’s overall efficiency, allowing you to run at lower voltages. Square heat sinks are also known for their durability as well as their versatility, making them an invaluable component in high performance systems. Not only do square heat sinks look cool, they will provide you with great overclocking abilities and future-proof your system.


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LW: Well-Trained Specialists in Square Heat Sinks Manufacturing

An LW heat sink is an ultra-thin and lightweight square heat sink that allows for massive amounts of surface area without adding a significant amount of weight.

This improved performance allows for higher output temperatures, which can help you lower your costs by using less electricity

Square heat sinks are a great structure for heat dissipation and an all-around solution to the challenges that many designers face, such as airflow obstruction, high mounting resistance and high weight.

The square shape allows more space for heat conductors, providing more surface area than any other coolers.

The unique design of square heat sinks also reduces air resistance by allowing smooth airflow across the entire surface.

They’re available in a variety of sizes, so they will almost always fit your application – even if it’s a tight fit.