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LW: Your Go-To Stamping Heat Sink Manufacturer

As a stamping heat sink manufacturer, we know how valuable stamping parts are to the manufacturing process.

Our product is designed with consistent stampings and quality finishes so that your production output can be maintained or increased.

Nothing says more about a brand than its ability to have a complete manufacturing process in house, from design and production to packaging, shipping and customer service. 

This allows us complete control of quality, as well as the ability to make any changes to our products quickly. The result is brand loyalty that keeps customers coming back for more.

Isn’t it important to keep your stamping dies cold in order to produce high-quality parts? During the stamping process, stamping heat sinks play a significant role.

They aid in the cooling of your dies, allowing for several uses. Stamping heat sinks are an essential part of stamping production, so it’s critical that you make the right choice when you’re looking for one.

Manufacturing Stamping Heat Sinks

Stamping Heat Sink is one kind of aluminum heat sink which with machined process, and they have highly thermally conductive pad.

The Stamping Heat Sink’s unique shape allows it to dissipate enough heat to keep most chips stable.

It is vital for any activity where heat generated by electrical components is a concern to have an appropriate heat sink in place.

An electrical product may be cooled down by using this gadget to generate a force that helps disperse heat.

Do you struggle with heat condensation and keeping things from overheating? Are you seeking a straightforward and economical solution?

The stamping heat sink fulfills your requirements. You may use it anywhere heat dissipation is required, such as in your automobile or computer.

LW’s stamping heat sink will aid in the cooling of PCs, laptops, and other electrical devices by draining heat away from sensitive components.

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LW: The Stamping Heat Sink Expert Manufacturer

We Specialize in Stamping Heat Sinks

We are the best stamping heat sink manufacturer in China. We specialize in manufacturing aluminum heat sinks and copper heat sinks, both of which are widely used in electronics and computer industries. The stamping heat sinks we produce are easy to install and have higher thermal conductivity than their counterparts, which leads to increased efficiency.

We Let You Choose What Works Best For You

LW Precision Stamping Heat Sinks are high quality, low thermal resistance stamped heat sinks. They are grown on copper for the best thermal properties available and come in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your application. Our unique design also includes additional mounting holes for ease of installation. We offer both raw and plated versions, so you can choose the look that works best for your application

Proven Reliability and Efficiency

All of our stamping heat sinks are powder coated to be corrosion resistant and have a perfect flat surface. Our stampings continually outperform the competition in thermal performance, strength, and reliability for demanding applications, such as power supplies and telecom equipment.

Long Lifespan Guarantee

At LW, we believe that our Stamping Heat Sink for your project can save you time and money. Our custom stamping heat sinks are manufactured to provide the highest quality possible, ensuring that your product has a long lifespan and is reliable. We also have a wide range of stamping heat sinks from which we will manufacture a custom heat sink tailored to your specifications

The Benefits of Using Stamping Heat Sinks

Versatile Component for Every Application

Stamping Heat Sinks are used in many industries such as microelectronics, solar film, medical equipment, automotive electronics and more. They get their name from the fact that they help to dissipate heat throughout an object. This technology has been around for millions of years and is very common in nature.

Prolong the Life of Your Electronics

Alleviating the thermal stress of the mobile device, a heat sink absorbs and dissipates the heat from the PCB. By helping absorb the heat from your device, a heat sink can help prolong its life.

Common Stamping Heat Sinks Applications

Stamping Heat Sinks for Medical Equipment (1)
Medical Equipment
Stamping Heat Sinks for Automotive Electronics (1)
Automotive Electronics

LW: Why We Are Stamping Heat Sinks Experts

We know that heat sinks are used to cool electronic devices; however, what many people don’t realize is that there has been a tremendous amount of research done into incorporating heat sinks into the design of other products.

It is a proven fact that using heat sinks in these ways can create a better product overall.The Stamping Heat Sink’s unique shape allows it to dissipate enough heat to keep most chips stable.

It is vital for any activity where heat generated by electrical components is a concern to have an appropriate heat sink in place.

Stamping heat sinks are used to transfer heat away from the component that does not need to be cooled.

They are mainly used as heat dissipation for surface mounted devices (SMD) circuit boards.