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LW Steel Cabinet Manufacturing Company

LW is one of the leading metal industries in China that provides the best quality steel cabinets on affordable rate.

Our goal is to help find our customers the best services and economical products under one roof.

We have an experience that exceeds from the 15 years and more in manufacture and supply of steel cabinets throughout the world.

Our team is greatly experienced in dealing with different tasks be it manufacture, delivery, quality maintenance, customization and communication with clients.

Our highly advanced R & D department continuously provide the new designs of steel cabinets. We have variety of services available for you to make your purchase convenient and profitable.

 You can get our strong and secure steel cabinets from anywhere anytime around the world. Our fast shipment service makes it possible for you to get your desirable product in least time.

We answer all your queries before booking so do not hesitate to make a deal.

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Classification of LW Steel Cabinet

Single door steel cabinet

Single Door Steel Cabinet

This type of steel cabinet consist of a single door. Its vertical configuration makes it easier to adjust it
in small spaces. Mostly used in schools. You can get different varieties having one or more than one
shelves according to your need.

Double Door Steel Cabinet

This type of steel cabinets have two doors hence called double door. It is safe and secure and made
of high quality steel that makes it strong. The designs vary according to the number of shelves and
the size of the cabinet. It is preferred for kitchen and office use.

Double door steel cabinet
3. Vertical drawers steel cabinet

Vertical Drawers Steel Cabinet

This unique design of steel cabinet consist of large size drawers arranged vertically. This provides a
good amount of space for storing various items. It is widely used for storing document files at offices
and educational institutes.


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Why LW Steel Cabinet is the best choice for you?

Easy to Install

Our steel cabinets are so designed to get installed easily anywhere you want. The installation does not require any difficult technique or labor thus saves a lot of time and labor cost.

Low Maintenance

The steel cabinets are low maintenance so you do not have to spend on them every now and then. This makes them last longer.

Preferred for Transporting Important Items

The LW steel cabinets are made with high quality steel that makes them strong and secure. You can use them for transporting delicate or important items. They are durable so are a good choice for storage.


The steel cabinets are quite attractive and pleasing to eyes. You can install them anywhere in your house and office to give that clean and shiny look. They are mostly preferred in kitchens having steel appliances.

Steel cabinet

Get Customized Steel Cabinet at LW

LW is has exceptional expertise in providing you with various customization services. You can easily get your product customized according to your specifications. We provide steel cabinets in different sizes and colors of your choice.

  • Adjustable Sizes:

We tailor our steel cabinets in a range of different designs and sizes. You can get your product in any size you want according to your specifications. The height and width can be adjusted according to your need. The product size measurement is available in height, width and dimensions for your ease.

  • Colors to choose:

LW provides their customers a range of eye-catching colored steel cabinets. You can get any design of steel cabinet in color of your choice. We provide standard colored products like gray, black, white, silver etc.  or any other customized color according to your demand such as green, blue, pink, purple, wooden and much more.

Applications of LW Steel Cabinet

Steel cabinet for kitchen

LW- A symbol of Quality Steel Cabinet

LW is the authentic metal supplier that has been recognized by ISO for its best services around the globe.

Our service roots back to more than a decade which has made us a quality symbol for our customers.

Our company meets all of your demands and provide you with the durable and long lasting steel cabinets.

We have a good range of steel cabinets available that serve as a good storage container for all your household and office use.

We offer the best quality products in the most affordable rates. Our team thoroughly supervises all the products during and after manufacturing. Our fast delivery can save a lot of your time.

You are just one click away from our quality service.

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