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LW steel drawer cabinet manufacturing Company

The steel drawer cabinet LW is manufacturing is very unique and outstanding. The material for the production of steel drawer cabinet we use is imported steel and stainless steel.

The benefit of this material is that it doesn’t catch the rust and can be clean easily. We have design the steel drawer cabinet in a way that you will have a large space to store the things, your documents, even utensils and tools.

For factories and garage we have special design for the steel drawer cabinet which is a store master designs .you will get as many drawers as you want for your need.

For kitchen and office we have different designs for the steel drawer cabinet. The steel drawer cabinet is durable
and has an ability to be in its original condition for years with zero rust.
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Classification of Metal Drawer Cabinet

Office filing steel drawer cabinet

Office filing steel drawer cabinet

Our office filing steel drawer cabinet consists of four drawers. Each of the drawer of this steel drawer
cabinet comes with a sliding is commonly used for the keeping the files in a organize gives
protection to your important documents because it is rust free and free the inside of the cabinet from moist
.it is a very smooth textured steel drawer cabinet.

Steel store master drawer cabinet

The steel store master drawer cabinet is our hot selling product. We manufacture this drawer cabinet with
different count of drawers .for example we make this huge steel drawer cabinet with 8 drawers, 20 drawers
and 28 drawers .this capacity of drawers is a very useful cabinet for construction sight, for industrial areas
and factories. We have many colors for this steel drawer cabinet e.g. grey, blue and red.

Steel store master drawer cabinet
filing steel drawer cabinet

Filing steel drawer cabinet

The filing steel drawer cabinet is a beautiful matte black cabinet. We have made these products along with
handles which are making super easy to open this drawer cabinet, drawer label holders which is a very
different style of this steel drawer cabinet and security locks for the safety of your important documents and
other belongings.


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Why choosing LW benefits you for Manufacturing of steel drawer cabinet?

LW and its unique steel drawer cabinet fabrication

We have most unique steel drawer cabinets you will ever come across. You will find them very useful because it is designed for your office, home, kitchen, factories and garage.

LW has superlative steel drawer cabinet

The material of our product has no match. We make the steel drawer cabinet with imported steel and stainless steel with smooth finishing.

LW has different finishing options

We have many finishing options for our products. For steel drawer cabinet we use powder coating of stainless steel.

LW provides abstract procedures

Our company is offering many abstract procedures for the manufacturing of the steel drawer cabinet. We use process of milling and drilling for steel drawer cabinet making.

LW the adept manufacturer of steel drawer cabinet

Size of steel drawer cabinet:
Our steel drawer cabinet has a lot more space of storage then other drawer cabinets . The size starts from 500mm to 750 mm. you are choosing the extra drawer cabinet then the size of the steel drawer cabinet will increase according to the drawer heaviness.

Colors of steel drawer cabinet:
We are providing multiple color option for you to choose for your steel metal cabinet. We manufacture it in all the colors you want. Grey and white is the most selling color for our amazing steel drawer cabinet.

Applications of Steel Drawer Cabinet

steel drawer cabinet for school

LW the Superior Quality Steel Drawer Cabinet

LW is the dealer and manufacture of the amazing quality steel drawer cabinet. Why we choose steel for the drawer cabinet?  

The answer is very simple because it is rust free and  durable .the  maintenance of steel drawer cabinet is very easy, it can clean with is best for your factories ,office ,garage school and kitchen.

Because of its rust free features it can use for very long period of time. The steel drawer cabinet has many styles in our company.

We have made many styles of steel drawer cabinet which are office filing steel drawer cabinet, steel store master drawer cabinet and filing steel drawer cabinet.

Each of these design is different from one another one has 4 has three and one has 8, 20 and 28 respectively.

The storing capacity of the steel drawer cabinet is huge. You can store your important documents, your tools  and utensils in these steel cabinets

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