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LW Manufacturer- Steel Filing Cabinets

LW Manufacturer is one of the leading brands in china and produces all kinds of industrial and commercial products under the supervision of highly-qualified staff using highly innovative technology to manufacture the most in-demand and trending products.

While referring to cabinets, we have specialized staff to plan and manufacture steel filing cabinets according to the theme required, or you may also get a custom cabinet of desired size and style by ordering from us.

The design, knock-down structure, and installation process are done by our staff the quality of our steel filing
cabinet is superior to other metal, and it is suitable for offices, homes, or any organization place to work.

Classification of the Steel Filing Cabinet

2 drawer steel filing cabinet

2 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet

The 2-drawer steel filing cabinet is made up of steel alloy. It has 2 drawers with smooth slide suspension. The doors are lockable to keep your document safe and secure. The construction is with steel metal coated with an enamel finish.

3 Drawer Filing Cabinet White

The 3-drawer steel filing cabinet white has a large storage space and occupies a small ground surface,
suitable for organizing important office files and it has a key to lock your essential documents. The top
drawer has a detachable pencil tray and the bottom drawers are for keeping files. Their construction is
heavy-duty and durable which guarantees sustainability.

3 drawer steel filing cabinet
4 drawer steel filing cabinet

4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet

The 4 drawer steel filing cabinet is highly commercial that allows the fully loaded cabinet to easily mount on the floor. They are durable, constructed with steel with high hygienic properties easy to clean. The lockers keep the documents secure.

5 Drawer Lateral Steel Filing Cabinets

The 5 drawer lateral steel filing cabinets provide a lateral feature for storing files. Each drawer has a magnetic label holder the fives shelves are provided for hanging files with four adjustable Leveling guides.

5 drawer steel filing cabinet


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Benefits of Steel Filing Cabinets

Space Saving

Space saving is one of the benefits of a steel filing cabinet. They are easily located in any corner of your place requiring small space and giving much storage.

Strong Drawer Construction

The construction of steel filing cabinets is strong and durable they stand high in any extreme weather condition protecting the files from dust, rust, and corrosion.

Fine Finish

The drawers of steel filing cabinets are finished with enamel that provides them a fresh and shiny look, they also have anti-bacterial properties that protect them from germs.

Fewer Chances of Loss

When you keep your document and files secure in a single place this will reduce the chances of loss and helps you to increase the productivity of your work.


The key benefits of a steel filing cabinet are security and protection. You can lock all your important and confidential files in the drawer without getting the fear of losing them.

The Smart Storing Steel Filing Cabinets

Internationally recognized
The LW Manufacturer has the internationally recognized ISO verified certification that makes high-quality products with competitive prices in the market.

Industrial and Commercial products
We have specialized for many years in manufacturing all kinds of industrial and commercial steel filing cabinets used in offices, homes, or institutes.

Powerful production
The production of our steel filing cabinet is done under the guidance of experts using high-quality steel metal with an innovative technique to provide you with the best product.

Application of Steel Filing Cabinets

Steel filing cabinet at office
Steel filing cabinet at locker room
Locker Room

The high-quality Steel Filing Cabinets lead the organization

Our high-quality steel filing cabinets will lead your business and helps you to increase the efficiency of your workers and the productivity of your work.

The storage ability of our cabinets gives enough space to hold your important files and document in the drawers, to find them easily, and to protect them from any loss or damage.

Our steel filing cabinet also adds charm and attraction to your office, their addition will look your place look more organized and creative or you can also customize them according to the theme of your office.

They also have the non-fading ability because of their anti-rust property and superior imported epoxy polyester powder coating, the cabinets are strong, firm and durable with handles and lock that makes them suitable for protection.

The steel sheet construction is very durable and rarely gets any dispatch and cracks. All of these qualities make a steel filing cabinet a good choice for your place.

For any order or detail, contact us as our staff is always there to assist our valuable clients.