Manufacturer and Distribution of steel storage cabinets

· Solid construction
· More than two designs of steel storage cabinets.
· Enough space for storage

LW Industrial Steel Storage Cabinets Manufacturing Company

The steel storage cabinets our company is manufacturing consist of many designs with various shapes and size.

We make it in way that it can store a lot of things. The designs of the steel storage cabinets are very elegant.

The steel storage cabinet comes with locker and can be used to store your documents your files, your garage or residential tools and many more.

The outer look of our steel storage cabinets is very smooth and shiny.

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Classification of Steel Storage Cabinets

Closet steel storage cabinets

Closet Steel Storage Cabinets

Our closet steel storage cabinets are very durable and long lasting. The durability of the steel storage cabinet
is guaranteed because we have welded steel cabinet and we have use 12 gauge steel in these cabinets. The
doors of the steel storage cabinets consist of two swings out doors with locks and handles. The locks will help
in storing confidential documents and many more things which need security.

Glass and Steel Storage Cabinets

The glass and steel storage cabinet is another very useful product of has a large storing capacity for
different things .the unique and different feature of this steel cabinet is that it is manufactured with
polycarbonate doors. These doors enhance the looks of the steel is also comes with handles and
locks for security.

Glass and steel storage cabinets
Mobile steel storage cabinets

Mobile steel storage cabinets

The last design of the steel storage cabinet is mobile steel storage cabinet. The specialty of theses steel
cabinet is it has wheels forged in the can be move from one place to another very has two
shelves with large storage space.

Steel Storage Cabinets with Ventilated Doors

The third design of the steel storage cabinets is with ventilated is a very different design of the has leaned and sloping top space which is an additional feature of this has 4 shelves .the
size of the steel storage cabinets with ventilated door are different from rest of the designs. Its size is 24
“Dxx78’H with the width of 36”, 48” and 60”.

Steel storage cabinets with ventilated doors


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Why choosing LW benefits you for manufacturing of steel storage cabinets?

LW is providing solid constructed steel storage cabinets

Our steel storage cabinets are constructed very solid .the solid fabrication of the steel cabinets can be seen with it welded manufacturing with 12 gauge high quality is very durable product and can be used for long period of time.

LW has versatile designs of steel storage cabinets

The steel storage cabinets have multiple designs .each design and style of the steel cabinet is quite different from other design .we have designed the steel cabinets with glass doors as well along handles and padlocks.

LW has huge storage capacity steel storage cabinets

The steel cabinets we are manufacturing is a benefit to you. Because it has a very huge storage. Due to extra storage feature of these cabinets you can store as much as you want in it.

LW has low maintenance products

LW is providing you the steel storage cabinets with a very smooth and shiny structure. It is very beneficial for those areas where termite can make a way to your cabinets. The steel cabinet is termite free and rust free .due to its smooth structure the maintenance of this cabinet is very easy.

LW the proficient manufacturer of steel storage cabinets

Size of steel storage cabinets:

The size of the steel storage cabinets is varying design to design of the cabinets. The steel cabinet with two shelves has a size of 42x 36×18 and the size of the steel cabinet with more than two shelves has size measurements of 42” x36”x18” and some has a size measurement of 72”x36”x18”.

Colors of steel storage cabinet:

The steel cabinets look more elegant with grey color, black and red. We are also providing off white, white, yellow and blue color for steel cabinets.

Applications of Steel Storage Cabinet

steel storage cabinets for office

LW the Superior Quality Steel Storage Cabinets

LW makes sure that our customer gets the best of the products. Our steel storage cabinets are durable for long period of time with a very low maintained.

These cabinets are your go through product, why? Because it is giving you more space for your things and can store your files, documents, stationary, tools and utensils as well.

The steel cabinets are in numerous designs, size and color. We customize the steel cabinets according to the need of our valuable clients.

It can carry weighted things as well due to its strong steel can withstand the outer temperature which makes it perfect for any atmosphere. We manufacture the heavy duty steel storage cabinets.

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