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LW: Student Whiteboards Expert

Student white boards are a great classroom tool to help students work on presentations, quick questions and answers, tasks and more.

Students can use these student whiteboards to write their ideas down and then take them back to their teachers for discussion.

Student white boards are a fantastic way for students to record their completed work, as well as learn about the subject matter.

As an educational tool, student whiteboards bring new experience for students and teachers, increase student motivation and improves retention levels.

Student Whiteboards

Student white boards are an invaluable resource for students to use in the classroom and for teachers to share information.

Student white boards allow students to create diagrams, drawings and notes that can be held up to their classmates or explained by the teacher on the board behind them.

These have become an integral part of studying, especially with the leap in technology where students are expected to complete assignments and projects while they are still hooked up online.

Student whiteboards provide non-glare writing surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect with no residue.


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LW: Student Whiteboards Expert

LW Premier Manufacturing

We provide a student whiteboard that makes your kids' learning environment an interactive, fun and humorous place. Our student whiteboard allows you to share ideas, create new writing and drawing content with your child without help from other children or adults. It brings imagination to the real world using LW's premier manufacturing technology.

High Quality and Warranty

Student dry erase boards are a fantastic way to keep track of homework, notes and everything else during class. They give you a place to take notes that is separate from your books so you won't miss them when you are trying to study. This helps students stay organized and focus on the task at hand. We pride ourselves on our high quality products and back them with warranty because we want our customers to be confident in their purchase.

We Can Customize To Your Liking

The best Student dry erase boards is the one that works at home or in school. Students will want to be able to work on their assignments and show their work as they go. Our whiteboards are made with high quality aluminum frame that is highly durable and designed to last a long time. The colors are bright and vivid, providing accurate colors that come out of the board at all times, even if they are under fluorescent lights. Moreover, we can customize them to your liking!

Competitive Prices Just For You

Student whiteboards are one of the most valuable marketing tools for students’ dorm rooms and offices, especially if they have an art program. They are an inexpensive way to provide your students with a space where they can create and display their work, so that it can be shared with others when each student returns home. Because of this, we make sure that our student whiteboard is priced competitively and you won't ever have to overpay!

Why You Should Employ Student Whiteboards

Keep your students engaged!

Student whiteboards are a great way to keep your students engaged, encourage discussion, and provide a visual teaching tool. They also invite creativity by drawing on them in advance of class so that when the teacher walks in at the right moment, the board is already prepared for them. Dry erase boards for students can be used for an excellent variety of purposes, including homework assignments, quiz questions, presentations and lectures. A great benefit of student whiteboards is that they are inexpensive when compared to other teaching tools such as laptop computers or multimedia tools

Create an active learning environment just for them!

Dry erase boards for students are a great way to get students engaged and actively learning in the classroom. They can be used as a visual display board or as a speed tracking system. Students love their own student whiteboard because it makes them feel like they’re a part of something bigger than just their individual work; it gives them purpose in the classroom. Student whiteboards are a wonderful way to keep your students on task, engaged, and enthusiastic. Just think of all the time you could save with an interactive whiteboard that turns your students into a classroom of their own.

Common Student Whiteboards Applications

Student Whiteboards for Classrooms
Student Whiteboards for School
aStudent Whiteboards for Play Centers
Play Center
Student Whiteboards for Daycares

LW: Student Whiteboards Expert

Because a large portion of your students will be using collaborative whiteboards, the student whiteboard can help them maximize their productivity and interact with you directly. 

Student white boards are a great tool for your classroom, especially classroom discussions. Students love the opportunity to explain their ideas and generate lively discussions.

A student whiteboard will allow you to focus on the discussion and answer questions from students. It’s a win-win situation! Students need to focus their time on the material they are trying to learn.

Student Whiteboards are a great way to simplify the learning process. By putting useful, relevant information right in front of them, students can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.