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Telescoping Aluminum Tubing

We understand how difficult it may be to discover a dependable telescoping aluminum tubing manufacturer who will ensure that your expectations are met. 

We take your needs seriously at LW, and we guarantee that you’ll be delighted with your telescoping aluminum tubing needs.

Lightweight and flexible, our telescoping aluminum tubing is built to provide strength without weighing you down. 

We supply premier aluminum extrusions to contractors who use it for framing, railings, and other miscellaneous items that require a strong, lightweight material.

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Common Telescoping Aluminum Tubing Shapes

Round Telescoping Aluminum Tubing
Round Telescoping Aluminum Tubing

Unlike the other alloy grades, the 1000 series contains no significant alloying additives. As a result, it’s almost entirely aluminum, yet even though it lacks any other alloys, it still provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as good thermal and electrical conductivity. This type of thin wall aluminum tubing has the highest weldability of any alloy grade, making it ideal for applications that demand a lot of shaping.

Square Telescoping Aluminum Tubing
Square Telescoping Aluminum Tubing

Have you been searching for a dependable tubing to support a heavy load? The square telescoping aluminum tubing will do. Made of soldered aluminum wire, this product can withstand high temperatures and pressures. It is ideal for supporting truck beds, trailer components, and machine parts.

Rectangular Telescoping Aluminum Tubing
Rectangle Telescoping Aluminum Tubing

The telescoping aluminum tubing in the rectangular shape is used primarily for structural applications, and as an all-purpose fill material in the manufacturing industry. This can be cut to your exact measurements, and you can count on us for it to be soldered, formed, or cut with precision.


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We guarantee a reasonable response time that won't keep you waiting too long, whether you're in a hurry or taking your time! We understand how vital your time is, and we make you our top priority since we believe first impressions are crucial – especially when looking for a dependable telescoping aluminum tubing manufacturer.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technology

Staying up to date with the latest cutting-edge manufacturing technology is what made us excellent and in the industry for over 15 years. Our ability to consistently develop ourselves by investing in ourselves to better serve you is what distinguishes our telescoping aluminum tubing.

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If you want consistent, high-quality aluminum, you've come to the correct place! LW ensures that a rigorous production process is instilled, ticking all the boxes for excellence and longevity. Your telescoping aluminum tubing will always be of the highest quality when you work with us.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing

What Are The Benefits Of Using Telescoping Aluminum Tubing?

Telescoping aluminum tubing are recognized to have a wide range of applications. Because of the aluminum material, telescoping aluminum tubing gets to have a lot of benefits!

The following are some of the advantages of adopting telescoping aluminum tubing:

  • Because of how well aluminum resists corrosion, it is ideal for manufacturing hydraulic systems.
  • This telescoping tubing is extremely light. Even if the length is the longest it can be, due to it being lightweight, it will be easy to pick up.
  • Excellent heat conductivity. You may easily include this tubing into projects that need a great deal of engineering.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing Applications

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Gym Equipment
Gym Equipment

Because of its corrosion resistance and extreme malleability, aluminum is frequently employed because it can take on any shape you choose! Your telescoping aluminum tubing can also be used in a variety of gym equipment due to its durability. Because it is composed of aluminum, sweat and moisture will not be a problem for your exercise equipment!

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Railings

One of the most important factors to consider while constructing railings is their durability, affordability, light weight, and ease of use. Telescoping aluminum tubing offers all of these important characteristics while ensuring that it will last you a long time without needing to be replaced or renewed.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Shelves

Aluminum shelves are common in modern homes, and they use telescoping aluminum tubing, which bears a lot of weight while being inexpensive and easy to clean. While being economical, it ensures that it is visually appealing and complements the surrounding environment.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Signposts

Signposts, like aluminum shelves, must be both visually spectacular and practical, as well as corrosion resistant. Signposts can be built from telescoping aluminum tubing for a sleek, modern, and functional design.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Hydraulic Systems
Hydraulics System

Because of the smaller physical mass and lower cost, hydraulic systems use telescoping aluminum tubing when the system pressure is less than 3000 psi. This is since aluminum is both sturdy and inexpensive.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing for Flagpoles

Telescoping tubing is required for the functionality of many flagpoles. The use of telescoping aluminum tubing in the construction of flagpoles ensures that they are long-lasting, flexible, and lightweight.

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing

Telescoping Aluminum Tubing is one of the most important things to have when it comes to a lot of applications as it is sturdy and corrosion resistant.

LW could provide various size, colors, design for telescoping aluminum tubing. We provide one-stop station customized service. You could need to send us your idea and requirements, we could produce the final products based on your requirements.

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