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LW is a leading manufacturer, working for the last 15 years to serve you with the best. You can get all the solutions for your aluminum-related problems with us. 

LW provides you with one of its kind: telescoping square tubing. You can adjust them according to your requirement. It is strong and can be splice according to your design. 

It is widely used in various industries because of its versatility. You can get different grades of telescoping square tubing, like from 1000 series to 7000 series and T3 to T8 temper. 

Telescoping square tubing is used as an add-on product, as it is versatile. It allows the assembling of different products without struggling with the drill work.

Other specifications are welcome to get customized at LW. Connect with us for better manufacturing and supplying aluminum solutions. 

LW Supply Telescoping Square Tubing

Classification of Telescoping Square Tubing

Telescoping Square Tubing

1- 5/8" and 1-7/8" telescoping square tubing. 

This product is suitable for many applications such as ceiling grids, interior partitions, racks, shelving, conveyor systems, etc. 

It can join components, adjust them, telescope, and re-use readily among its class.

It all can be done through pre-punched square tubing. 

1-1/4" – 2-1/4" telescoping square tubing.

The material is used from 10 to 12 gauge. 

This telescoping square tubing is mainly used for racks, conveyor systems and shelving, adjustable signs posts, hangers, welding, and other assembling skills.  

It offers the following specifications:

  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable 
  • Flexible for the creation of a new design
  • Faster and easier to use


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Benefits of Having LW's Telescoping Square Tubing

Provides Good Thermal Conductivity

It has excellent thermal conductivity, used to make the designs according to specific requirements.

High Quality Material

Aluminum is a lightweight item, but at the same time, it is durable and robust. Telescoping square tubing can resist way better than other metals used in making many industrial applications.


This square tubing is strong and is highly corrosion-resistant. Because of this property, the product will be free of rushing and faults.

Quality Finish Goods

Due to its lightweight, the finished product will be lighter in weight with the best quality finished item. You can carry it anywhere easily, including a camera tripod, tables, etc.

World-Class Packaging

LW provides standard export quality packaging. Besides standard packaging, custom packaging can also be done at LW for all the products, including telescoping square tubing.


As telescoping square tubing does not require those long processing steps in manufacturing, then those of other metals. Therefore, it is cost-effective and is budget-friendly. 

Telescoping Square Tubing Profile

LW has high-grade products available for all the customers. For more of the product information, we have provided you with the following description:

  • Shape

Telescoping square tubing is available in different shapes and customized according to the requirements. The general forms are: round, rectangular, oval, and square

  • Size

The primary and standard sizes are 1- ¼” to 2- ¼” square tubing and 1- 5/8″ and 1- 7/8″ square tubing. Apart from these sizes, LW also provides customization to all customers. 

  • Five-Way Connectivity

One of the advantages of the telescoping square tubing is that it is versatile. Therefore, it can easily be connected to make different uses. 

  • Adjustability

With infinite adjustability, this product can be used in many ways. For example, selfie stick tube, live broadcast support, luggage pull rod, cleaning tool tube, and photographic equipment support. 

Different Applications of Telescoping Square Tubing

Telescopic Square Tubing for Aerospace, Helicopters Model
Aerospace, Helicopters Model
Telescoping Square Tubing for Assembly Line Framing
Assembly Line Framing
Telescoping Square Tubing for Racking and Shelving Systems
Racking and Shelving Systems
Telescoping Square Tubing Display Support Systems
Display Support Systems
Telescoping Square Tubing Scientific Apparatus
Scientific Apparatus
Telescoping Square Tubing for Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment
Telescoping Square Tubing for Sports Equipment
Sports Equipment
Telescoping Square Tubing for Signposts
Telescoping Square Tubing for Scaffolding Framing
Scaffolding Framing
Telescopic Square Tubing for Safety Rails
Safety Rails

Telescoping Square Tubing - Custom Profile

LW is the leading company in manufacturing aluminum products. If you are looking for the best place to buy your aluminum products and custom profiles, you are at the right place.

LW could supply different types of telescoping square tubing. LW also can customize sizes, shapes, and lengths according to your need. 

LW telescoping square tubing use high quality and durable aluminum material. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the  product quality issue. We also provide free samples before taking orders. 

Contact us for all your aluminum tubes problems. We can resolve them immediately. 

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