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The Different Extrusion Processes for Aluminum C Channel Extrusions

Hot Aluminum C Channel Extrusion

Hot Aluminum C Channel Extrusion

Extrusion occurs after the aluminum stock has been heated to full plasticization. The extrusion technique makes the different shapes out of the stock material by using massive rolls of aluminum coils. This is an excellent method for producing big numbers of aluminum components in a consistent manner on a small scale.

Cold Aluminum C Channel Extrusion

The billets are fed directly into the extruder during cold extrusion manufacturing, and the product is extruded as it exits the die. Cold extrusion items have a higher surface quality and may be altered considerably more simply than hot extrusion products. The extruder’s high-pressure technology enables either cold or room-temperature processing. Because of the purity of this process, it is possible to process material grades that would otherwise be impossible to process due to contamination issues.

Warm Aluminum C Channel Extrusion

Warm Aluminum C Channel Extrusion

Warm extrusion is a manufacturing method that involves heating raw materials to produce a semi-finished product. The raw material, also known as plastic strip, is available in a range of shapes to fit practically any type of extrusion-based product.

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Different Specifications of Aluminum I Beam (Products without classification)

The most used and produced I beam is the 6061 aluminum I beam. It can easily be weld. LW also can cut, drill, bend, assemble, and punch  aluminum I beam based on your detailed requirements.

It can also be heat treated at a specific temperature of 990 degrees (F). Aluminum alloy 6000 is usually used. At the same time, the temper T4, T5, and T6 are used. LW can use different welding techniques to make this alloy. 

The length of the aluminum I beam is 3 to 6 meters per piece. The other sizes can be customized according to the requirement of customers. The open mold requires 10 to 15 days to design aluminum I beam whereas, the production time needs 15 to 25 days. 

The thickness of the aluminum I beam can be between the size of 3 to 12 inches and can be range up to 300” long. The thickness can also be made according to your specification. 

LW will calculate the load capacity of the aluminum I beam as per the specifications. We can also ship bulk loading, LCL loading, and pallet loading on the demand and requirements of the customers. 

Extrusion Aluminum Solar Panel Frames

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Advantages If you Get LW Solar panel mounting brackets Manufacturer

Available Colors

You are free to choose any color that fits to your panel. We have black and silver for solar panel mounting brackets.

Available Shapes

There are different sizes and shapes for your solar panel mounting bracket. Just choose your desired sizes that will fit to your panel.

Features of Solar panel mounting brackets

LW solar panel mounting brackets are made of aluminum, simple and cost-effective installation, waterproof rubber gasket integrated. It can be applied for many kinds of metal proof. This is a perfect match for your project.

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Applications of Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Profile for Automobile

Aluminum profile could be used for producing automobile body structure, wheel, chassis, bumper anti-collision beam, floor, electric battery, energy-absorbing box…

Aluminum Profile for Rail Transportation
Rail Transportation

Aluminum profile could be used for manufacturing rail transportation body,tructural panels, instrument racks, air diffusers, train doors, landing pedals ,decorative parts..

Aluminum Profile for Photovoltaic
Solar energy

When manufacturing solar photovoltaic frame,solar photovoltaic bracket, battery panel frame pillars, support rods, tie rods, they all need to use aluminum profile.

Electronic information

Tablet computer case, capacitor, computer case, mobile phone case, battery case, TV case and frame also need to use aluminum profile.

Aluminum Profile for Machinery
Machinery & Equipment

Robot arm, robot frame, equipment cylinder, railway coal truck, airport snow removal vehicle, pipeline remote controller also need to use aluminum profile.

Packaging and Printing
Printing and Packaging

Aluminium profiles widely penetrate the beverage, food, beverage, manufacturing, industrial product packaging and beverage industries.

Aluminum Profile for Vessel

Hull base panels,deck superstructures, windscreen frames a primary structural portions of marinas need aluminum profile.

Aluminum Profile for Architecture
Architecture & Decoration

Use LW aluminum profile to make building frames, doors and windows, suspended ceilings, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decorative surfaces…

Aluminum Profile for Aviation
Aviation and Aerospace

Aluminum profile material provide strips, die forgings, forged rings for rockets, spacecraft, satellites, space stations, and large aircraft.