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LW Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing

LW has established its reputation as one of the best aluminum based products manufacturer and supplier locally and internationally. With an experience of 15 years, we have always provided quality products to our customers. LW thick wall aluminum tubing is one of them.

Thick wall aluminum tubing is a type of extruded aluminum. It is extruded in different shapes like round, square, and rectangle, according to the strength of the tubing. The round tube is stronger than other tubes of equal size.

However, in comparison to other metals like steel, the walls of the aluminum tubing should be 3 times thicker to get that strength. That is why Thick wall Aluminum tubing is stronger than most of the other metal tubing.

 We provide the best quality of aluminum products along with variety of surface finishing and processing.

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LW Wholesale Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing

Different Series of Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing

Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing 6000 Series
6000 series

These are heat treatable so are easily fabricated. They are usually used in making round aluminum tubes. Other than that, the 6000 series thick wall aluminum tubing is used in making public transport, marine bodies and aircrafts.

5000 series

They are not heat treatable. They are higher in strength and has good machinability. They are resistant to marine environment so, are mostly used in making ships and other water bodies. They are also used to make cooking utensils.

Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing 2000 Series
2000 series

They are also heat treatable. They have good strength so are preferred in those purposes where good strength to weight ratio is required. They are used in aircraft industry.


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Characteristics of LW Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing Manufacturers and Suppliers

Reliable platform for all Aluminum products

The LW has all types of aluminum products that too in good quality. We provide quite a range of aluminum products and all are checked under our quality control department. We also provide free samples to our customers so that they can check the quality before buying.


We at LW also deal with color, shape and length customization of thick wall aluminum tubing. They are available in different colors like black, silver, bronze and any other color that the customer want. Along with this, they are also manufactured in variety of shapes like round, square, rectangular and any other customized shape.

Customer friendly services

LW is the platform where the customers get their desired products along with great services. We take care of the concerns of the customers from providing information about the products to delivering them. Our customer support service is available for you 24/7. Moreover, we have the fastest delivery system that saves your time.

Excellent team

LW has maintained its quality in manufacturing and dealing of the products for years. This has become possible due to the expert team we have. Our team gives their best to meet all the requirements of the customers. They are highly qualified in manufacturing and supplying of the aluminum based products.

Surface treatment

The Thick wall aluminum tubing is treated with different types of surface finishing. It enhances their corrosion resistant property as well as gives elegant appearance. The finishing includes electrophoresis, milling, sand blasting, anodizing, powder coating etc.


LW also deals with the processing of the products on demands of the customers. Our team is expert in providing various processing like welding, bending, cutting, drilling, assembling etc.

Thick wall Aluminum Tubing

Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing Providers

  • Wall thickness:

The wall thickness of Thick wall aluminum tubing has various ranges e.g. from 0.12 inch to 0.200 inches. They can also be customized according to the customer requirements. They are measured in outer dimeters and inner diameters.

  • Colors Available :

 Thick Wall aluminum tubing is available in White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden etc. colors. 

  • Different Shapes :

There are many different shapes of  thick wall aluminum tubing.  Square, round, flat, rectangle ,hollow, t-slot and other designs.

Applications of thick wall Aluminum tubing

Aircraft & Marine Industry
Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing for Public Transport
Public transport
Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing for Household Appliances Like Refrigerator and Oven
Household appliances like refrigerator and oven.
Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing for Furniture
Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing for Railings
Thick Wall aluminum tubing for windows and doors
Windows and doors
Thick Wall ALuminum Tubing for Photo Frames
Photo Frames

Extensively Recognized Thick Wall Aluminum Tubing Company

LW is the aluminum profile expert. It deals in various series of aluminum alloys to provide its customers with their desirable products. 

The LW thick wall aluminum tubing has high strength and durability. It is used in various fields.

It has nonmagnetic, non-corrosive and chemical resistant properties, which is profitable for our customers.

You can get the guaranteed quality of thick wall aluminum tubing here. Our goal is to maintain the quality of our services in the future also. 

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