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Fifteen years ago, we decided to make our mark in the aluminum industry. We didn’t set out to be one of the very best manufacturers of thing wall aluminum tubing available; we wanted to be the very best.

Our proficiency has given us the ability to create high quality aluminum goods such as thin wall aluminum tubing; so much so that clients like you have come to rely on us as a reliable provider.

Widely used in creating solar reflectors and your household appliances, our Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing can be used in a variety of things.

They are available in a range of widths, lengths and finishes that’ll allow you to choose one that suits your needs and specifications.

We, at LW believe that our customers are our biggest assets, and we always strive to satisfy their needs. We value customer relationships and try to always be on our best behavior for you, as a customer, to feel at home with us.

Common Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing Grades

1000 Series Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing
1000 Series for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

Unlike the other alloy grades, the 1000 series contains no significant alloying additives. As a result, it’s almost entirely aluminum, yet even though it lacks any other alloys, it still provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as good thermal and electrical conductivity. This type of thin wall aluminum tubing has the highest weldability of any alloy grade, making it ideal for applications that demand a lot of shaping.

2000 Series Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing
2000 Series for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

The 2000 Series for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing is distinguished by its copper additive alloy, which is comparable to steel in terms of hardness. There are additional minimal element additions, but these alloys have at least 2% copper, making them exceptionally strong. These alloys are difficult to weld yet provide a strong metal that is useful for applications requiring pure strength.

3000 Series Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing
3000 Series for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

The 3000 series, like the other aluminum grades, is differentiated by its additional alloy, in this case, it’s Manganese. This series is harder than the 1000 series, but it doesn’t sacrifice weldability or corrosion resistance. Unfortunately, it lacks heat treatment options but is made up for in weldability and corrosion resistance. This kind of thin wall aluminum tubing is mostly used for welding.

4000 Series Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing(1)
4000 Series for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

The 4000 Series has a lower melting point due to the addition of silicon as an alloy, making it an excellent filler material. This kind of thin wall aluminum tubing has good weldability and machinability while being heat treatable. This grade is frequently used as a filler material in welding operations.

5000 Series Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing
5000 Series for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

The 5000 series is a group of alloys that contain magnesium as their main ingredient. Some alloys may also include other elements like manganese or chromium. These alloys are known for their excellent corrosion resistance, making them a popular choice for maritime applications such as boat hulls and storage tanks. These alloys, when applied into thin wall aluminum tubing, operate and form well and are moderately strong, making them useful for industry-specific applications such as pressure valves and cryogenic tanks.

6000 Series for Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

These alloys are extremely common alloys that can be made for thin wall aluminum tubing for general purposes in a wide range of industries such as construction, architecture, automobiles, and more. Materials in this series when used as thin wall aluminum tubing respond well to heat treatment and preserve their workability after tempering or annealing because they have above-average strength, high corrosion resistance, and good machinability. The 6082, which is a part of the 6000 series is available in a variety of profiles as sheets, box sections, bars, I beams, and channels.


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Why LW Should Be Your Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing Manufacturer

A Commitment to Serve

We learned to appreciate servicing our clients after fifteen years in the field. Seeing you smile after completing a thin wall aluminum tubing transaction with us inspires us to perform even more than we did the previous time, so that we may continue to serve you with the highest effort and commitment.

Quality Assurance

LW is a company that walks the talk! Our thin wall aluminum tubing displays our commitment to being the best at what we do. At each transaction, we guarantee high-quality thin wall aluminum tubing.


LW understands that saving money and time are truly a priority when it comes to construction or any other application. We offer a one-stop-shop that offers and produces world-class thin wall aluminum tubing all at the same location that is a bang for your buck and saves you time because we believe that time saved is also money not spent.

Long-Term Relationship Building

We plan for the long term because we never disappoint. We look forward to supplying you with the greatest thin wall aluminum tubing possible so that you are always completely happy. While ensuring your total satisfaction, we keep the big picture in mind, which is developing a strong working relationship with you.

Quick to Meet Your Deadlines

LW meets deadlines and offers world-class thin wall aluminum tubing. Just because we're always on time doesn't mean we have to sacrifice quality; we believe that you can have the best of both worlds without sacrificing the other! Meeting your established deadlines for you thin wall aluminum tubing order isn’t just a date on our calendar, but a mission that we strive to accomplish.

Elite After Sale Services

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we work hard to make this possible by offering premier after sale services for our thin wall aluminum tubing such as warranty protection, quality assurance, and more. We believe that a transaction is only accomplished when you are satisfied, and willing to do another one with us as well.

Discover the Process Behind the LW Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing Manufacturing

LW is a one-stop shop for all your aluminum needs, including thin wall aluminum tubing.

LW can make thin wall aluminum tubing in sizes from a few centimeters up to 6 meters long.

Our products are widely used in diverse applications, including household goods, industrial machinery, telecommunication devices and solar panels.

We own one of the most advanced aluminum processing facilities in China, allowing us to provide you with the best price, quality, and service for your thin wall aluminum tubing needs.

Applications Where Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing Is Used

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing for Naval Industry
Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing in the Naval Industry

Thin wall aluminum tubing is used by boats that have to come in contact with water on a regular basis. It is lightweight, flexible, and resistant to corrosion, allowing boat manufacturers to choose aluminum rather than steel to build their crafts’ frames. Aluminum also has limited tensile strength, so it is vital that boat builders utilize quality fasteners to keep the frames from bending or breaking.

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing for Packaging Industry
Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing in the Packaging Industry

Thin wall aluminum tubing makes for an excellent cost-effective packaging solution to store and ship your products. Because of the material’s flexibility, thin wall aluminum tubing is available in both straight and bent pieces that could easily carry heavy and lightweight products.

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing for Transport Industry
Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing in the Transportation Industry

The transportation sector has a need for thin wall aluminum tubing. The transportation sector started to employ aluminum for diverse vehicles since it offered the toughness of other metals while still being lightweight and eco-friendly.

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing for Pharmeceuticals
Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Thin wall aluminum tubing is used a lot in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to how aluminum has properties that protect products from contaminations. This allows them to last longer and become more secure for those that purchase medicine

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing for the Industrial Goods Industry
Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing in the Industrial Goods Industry

Thin wall aluminum tubing has numerous applications in industrial goods. From the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, and liquids to the production of platters, tinfoil, and kitchenware, the list just goes on and on, demonstrating the material’s versatility.

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing for Construction Industry
Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing in the Construction Industry

It’s no surprise that the construction industry uses thin wall aluminum tubing. Offering reduced cost and lightweight properties that make it easier to accomplish construction projects – aluminum tubing is definitely an integral piece for contractors, engineers, and builders.

Thin Wall Aluminum Tubing

The amount of options and applications that you can use thin wall aluminum tubings are endless and you’ve got plenty of stuff to do with them.

Are you in need of thin wall aluminum tubing? We supply different types of shapes, sizes, and grades for almost any job. Feel free to contact us for category specifics, or just for a quote with your desired measurements.

If you have any requirements about our thin wall aluminum tubing, please let us know and feel free to contact us .

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