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LW is a Chinese company that deals with the manufacturing and selling of aluminum, and electronic products all over the world.

We have more than the experience of 15 years in the market. We are equipped with modern manufacturing techniques and machinery. Our engineers and other staff are highly sophisticated. Maintaining the quality of the products is our top priority.

We have thousands of products range available at LW and To220 heatsink is one of them. A To220 heatsink is a power package that desperate the temperature of the hardware units and provides a cooling effect.

It proves profitable to keep the function of your hardware device going on smoothly. It is made up of aluminum, copper, or solid metal.

The aluminum To220 heatsink is a commonly used form of the To220 heatsink.

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LW To220 Heatsink Product Classification

1- To220 Heatsink calculator

To220 Heatsink Calculator

It is used to calculate junction qtemperature and power dissipated by the power devices. It is frequently used in thermal and mechanical engineering work.

Aluminum To220 Heatsink

It is made up of Aluminum alloys 6060 and 6063 which is the most stable and commonly used form of the To220 heatsink.

2- Aluminum To220 Heatsink
3- copper To220 Heatsink

Copper To220 Heatsink

It is made up of copper. Copper To220 heatsink has more heat conductivity power than aluminum To220
heatsink and It is way cheaper than aluminum To220 heatsink.


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How is LW To220 Heatsink Different?

One-stop service

We have a one-stop LW store located in China. Check out our locale and visit us. At LW, you could enjoy multiple services under one roof and have a better look at the quality of our products.

Finest Quality Products

LW deals with the manufacturing of quality products. We are trusted by millions of customers because of our quality standards. We also give a guarantee of the product quality to our customers.


is one of the famous companies inga wide range of aluminum, metal, and electronics products at very affordable rates including the To220 heatsink. We sell quality products at economical rates

Effective Heat Regulator

Our super-quality To220 heatsink has high thermal performance and scalability. Even effective to cool off large electronic equipment by effectively expelling the excess heat.

Compact Design

The To220 heatsink is compact in size and lightweight. LW also offers design flexibility options for the To220 heatsink to the customers so it can fit properly into your power units.

Fast Delivery Service

Our products delivery service makes sure to dispatch your orders promptly even in the case of International orders. We ship the orders to your doorstep.

To220 Heatsink

LW, The Best Supplier Of To220 Heatsink

LW provides you with the facility of custom orders. You can get the To220 heatsink in your desired form here.

The To220 heatsink has multiple extruded lengths. Some of the most commonly used sizes of To220 are 34mm x 25mm x 12mm, 20mm x 22mm x 40mm, and 19mm x 13.5mm x 9.5. Moreover, different size ranges are used for different devices. The larger the To220 heatsink the more readily it will maintain the temperature of the apparatus by removing the excess heat.

The color and finishes of the heatsink greatly affect the disposal of the heat and so is the case of the To220 heatsink. The dark-colored To220 heatsink eliminates the heat outside of the device more effectively than the light-colored To220 heatsink. Most commonly, the To220 heatsink is in black and silver colors.

Applications of To220 Heatsink

To220 Heatsink for power transistor
Power Transistor
Voltage regulator
To220 Heatsink for diodes

LW, A Well-known Brand For To220 Heatsink

LW is a well-developed company. It has set its standard at the International level. We are popular in the market because of our quality products and exceptional services.

Our engineers make sure to manufacture top-quality products. We have a quality checking department that ensures to maintain quality standards.

Our To220 heatsink is of exceptional quality that works for years without causing any irregularity in the device.

To220 heatsink is modern technology equipment. Electronic units start getting heated up after running for a long period.

It results in the malfunction of the device. To avoid this defect it’s necessary to install the To220 heatsink in it.

To220 heatsink eliminates the heat produced in the device and helps to keep the system running smoothly.

It is highly in demand because of its benefits. You could get the best To220 heatsink from LW.
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