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LW Transistor Heat Sink Production Company

Our Transistor heat sink are fabricated with the latest means and procedures. We use aluminum in the manufacturing of Transistor heat is used for the cooling down of the heated Transistor. Transistor is also work as a cooling down accessory but it’s not enough for a Transistor to cool down by itself when there is an excessive heat. The Transistor heat sink is usually forged with the Transistor to cool it down its excessive heat and high temperature.

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Classification of Transistor Heat Sink

Active transistor heat sink

Active transistor heat sink

The active transistor is a very common type of heat sink. It works as cooling down means for the active transistor we have assembled a cooling fan in is a high maintenance required heat sink due to the continuous moving of the different parts of the transistor. The transistor heat sink in the active one consumes large space. The large consumption of the space of the transistor is due to the interaction of air with it. Air works with it as a cooling agent in an active transistor heat sink.

Passive transistor heat sink

The passive transistor heat sink is a very interesting type of the transistor heat sink. The passive heat sink of the transistor does not require any cooling fan or air is a very common type of transistor heat does not require any rocket science and it is a very simple and low maintenance product.

Passive transistor heat sink.


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Why LW is your best choice for transistor heat sink

Experience of over a Decade

We know that transistor alone cannot work we have designed the transistor heat sink especially for the transistor to work accordingly. Make sure that we won’t take any risk or chance on the quality of the transistor heat sink. Our 15 year of experience can never be underestimated. Our high quality material is our name.

Multitudinous motifs

Our company has bucket of advantages. For example you cannot find more than one motifs or kinds of product under one roof. But here in LW you won’t be running from one place to another for different variety of the transistor heat sink as we are giving you all types of the transistor heat sink in LW.

On time product dispatching

There is another advantage of choosing LW as your manufacturer and supplier of the transistor heat sink which is: you will get the heat sink very soon as you order it.

Excellent client care service

Our great team of customer care is all set to entertain your questions and queries. Our excellent client service plays a great role in building up the trust of our valuable clients.

Outstanding assembly services

We have a name and experience of 15 year in making products with aluminum. We give extra attention to the material and the final product .From quality checking to the final stages and even the packaging of the products, we have a special team who works day and night just to make sure that you receive an excellent final product.

LW your best choice for transistor heat sink

Our company manufacture the heat sink according to the transistor size .but you have the opportunity to customize the size of the transistor.

  • Size of transistor heat sink:

In choosing the size you need to keep in mind the size of the transistor .the size of heat sink varies from the transistor to transistor. But the average size of the transistor heat sink is 9x9x5mmx0.35×0.35×0.2 length, width and height simultaneously.

  • Color of transistor heat sink

The color you are choosing for transistor heat sink is very important. The light color heat sink will not work properly as it cannot radiate or balance heat is wise to choose the dark colored transistor heat sink it will radiate the extra heat very effectively

Application of Transistor Heat Sink

transistor heat sink for LED

LW: The top most Quality transistor heat sink

The transistor heat sink is the backbone of any machine with a transistor. The electrical machine and any gadgets sometimes do not work properly.

It is due to the excessive heating up of the transistor. Transistor itself also works to cool down the extra heat of the device but sometimes it needs to collaborate with another device to cool itself down.

The heat sink is the perfect choice for the transistor cooling. We have designed the heat sink for radiating the high temperature you will receive the product at your doorstep anywhere in the globe.

Our product material is forged and off course pocket friendly. Reach us immediately for the production of the top quality transistor heat sink

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