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Tripod whiteboards are an amazing asset to any organization. They allow you to get the most out of your limited space, create a clean and organized workspace, and increase productivity.

A tripod whiteboard comes in handy when a meeting’s participants need to take notes, write emails and draft documents. They’re also a convenient way to record ideas on the spot during brainstorming sessions

Tripod whiteboard is built to last. Made with a durable and aluminum frame, our tripod whiteboard is perfect for any type of business.

It can be used in a variety of applications—from traditional classrooms to small offices, departments or factories.

Tripod Whiteboard

The Tripod Whiteboard is designed to be a versatile piece of art that can hold up to 2 dry erase markers or pens on the bottom panel and 4 markers or pens on the top panel, depending on how you wish to use it.

This tripod whiteboard makes an excellent gift option for any creative person who has their own business, as well as teachers and professors who use art in their classroom!

Tripod whiteboards are the perfect solution for displaying your messages directly on top of what you’re using it for.

As they can be portable, you can use them anywhere with a flat surface to write or draw on. The tripod base makes it easy to move around while writing and drawing on the whiteboard.

Tripod Whiteboard


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LW: Tripod Whiteboard Expert

We even manufacture your special requirements.

We manufacture Tripod Whiteboard and can meet your own special requirements for the design of your whiteboard. If you have a business that requires professional-grade presentation, then our Tripod Whiteboard is exactly what you need.

We are the leading provider of tripod whiteboards.

LW is the leading provider and manufacturer of Tripod Whiteboard, workstation and storage solutions in China and a better alternative for all your writing needs. We make sure to only manufacture the best tripod whiteboards in the market for each and every client who requires the best writing instruments for presentations.

We are a cost-effective manufacturer.

Tripod whiteboard is an innovation in the board moving industry. It is a light weight, fast and easy-to-use platform that has all the power to replace heavy and bulky traditional tripod. WIth this in mind, we’ll make sure that our products including our tripod whiteboards are manufactured with a cost-effective goal.

We are a reasonably priced company.

Keeping your whiteboard clean is not an easy task. The lightweight sticks with the smooth surface and the Base Plate allow you to write, draw or doodle with ease. With its adjustable height of 4 inches and rotating 360-degree feature you can make sure that no matter what you think of on your board anymore your board will always be level – all this for a reasonable price.

Tripod Whiteboard

Why You Should Utilize A Tripod Whiteboard

Convenient way to jot down notes.

This tripod whiteboard allows you to easily write on the board and to remove it from the wall for convenient use. It also features an aluminum material, which is resistant to physical damage and will remain flexible for years after purchase. A tripod whiteboard is the perfect way to showcase the important conversations you have with your clients. Whiteboards are great when you need quick notes or feedback, but a tripod whiteboard will offer you a steady platform to write on and won’t move around when you’re taking notes.

Capture information effectively.

The tripod whiteboard provides a third support for your whiteboard to improve the holding of your whiteboard surface. A tripod whiteboard is not only an effective way to capture information, but it also makes for an easy way to share information with others. 

Common Tripod Whiteboard Applications

Tripod Whiteboard for Businesses
Tripod Whiteboard for Meetings
Tripod Whiteboard for Schools

LW: Tripod Whiteboard Expert

A tripod whiteboard is an important tool for any workplace. A tripod whiteboard provides the flexibility to display a variety of work-related information for your employees.

And the clean, dry environment prevents exposure to rain or messy condensation. As well, a tripod whiteboard can be used by multiple people at the same time without taking up much space on each desk.

The Tripod Whiteboard provides a complete solution for the classroom. It allows you to write on a whiteboard surface, yet still have an eraser and chalk included.

The whole unit is collapsible and portable, so it can easily be moved from room to room.

You can write on the tripod board just like you might do with a normal whiteboard and display your ideas for anyone to see.

This is especially useful for presentations or for new employees who don’t have a lot of experience at public speaking.

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