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LW: Vertical Whiteboard Specialist

You can utilize a vertical whiteboard to solve many of your office communication problems. You can write on the wall, but using a vertical whiteboard allows you to write on both the top and sides of the walls.

In this way you can put up drawings, presentations, visual aids and any other type of information you would like in a more professional manner.

Utilize the space you have at work more efficiently with our vertical whiteboard. This portable writing board allows you to make notes, draw up concepts and even create documents, all while remaining centralized in one spot.

With its thin profile, this whiteboard can fit into any room and any space. If a large desk isn’t available, a small wall or desktop can be used to take advantage of the vertical writing surface such as when working at home.

Vertical Whiteboard

Vertical Whiteboards have become a staple in offices, classrooms, cafes and start-ups for all sorts of reasons.

They’re easy to use: just write or draw on them with a dry erase marker or chalk board eraser and go. You can also use them for brainstorming sessions.

Their resolution can be enhanced by using self-adhesive plastic sheet protectors (available online). If you use the reinforced edge, you can also hang documents on it!

The standard model extends up to 4ft 3in so you will have ample space for bigger group work.

Vertical whiteboards can be used to record meetings, brainstorm ideas and even as a way to decorate your office space.


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LW: Vertical Whiteboard Expert

Customized vertical whiteboards just for you.

Our Vertical Whiteboards are an excellent way for your company to interact with customers. By displaying necessary information on the wall, you showcase your business as good and helpful. We can also bring an added element of fun with our custom calligraphy designs and messages. You can count on us for customized vertical whiteboards for all your needs and requirements.

Long-lasting products using premium aluminum materials only.

We understand your business needs a unique, custom-made whiteboard solution that can make a lasting impression. Add this beautiful vertical sliding whiteboard system to your space and help your employees brainstorm, create presentations, or just get creative. Your vertical whiteboard will be long-lasting because we only use premium aluminum material for each product.

No exorbitant price tags!

Vertical whiteboards are the perfect addition to any space! Our vertical whiteboards will help you save time and money by eliminating the need for a traditional writing surface. Additionally, you won’t even have to worry about an exorbitant price tag because we price our vertical whiteboards competitively according to the market – no worries!

The manufacturer you turn to.

We should be the manufacturer you turn to, because we have a variety of materials and options to meet your company's vertical whiteboard needs. We can help you find the best solution for your unique project or event. Worrying about not having a trusted manufacturer to create the things you need are a thing of the past when working with us here at LW.

Why You Should Utilize A Vertical Whiteboard

Convenient way to jot down notes.

A vertical white board is a great addition to any classroom space. This practical tool can help you teach kids in a more interactive way, while also giving you time to focus on other tasks. 

Capture information effectively.

Do you want to encourage interaction and collaboration? Are you looking for a fun way to display content or create a board where users can easily move information around? Do you want to promote creativity and innovation in your workplace? If so, then a vertical whiteboard is the solution. Vertical Whiteboards are the ideal size for meetings, brainstorming sessions and team meetings. The smooth surface makes it easy to write with chalk or wipe over.

Common Vertical Whiteboard Applications

Vertical Whiteboard for Schools
Vertical Whiteboard for Classrooms
Vertical Whiteboard for Offices

LW: Vertical Whiteboard Expert

Vertical whiteboards are the latest trend in the classroom. A vertical whiteboard allows teachers to graphically communicate important concepts and lesson plans, effectively creating more space to work with students.

You won’t have to worry about students juggling throughout the day between unorganized tasks because you’ll be able to properly prioritize it by noting them down using a vertical whiteboard.

A vertical whiteboard is the ultimate tool for brainstorming, design, brainstorming and so much more.

Vertical whiteboards offer a great alternative to traditional classroom walls and replace the bulky textbook with a fun, engaging tool.

Vertical whiteboards look great in any environment and come in a variety of colors. Use the vertical whiteboard holder to hang it on the wall, or use the included stand to display it flat on a desk or work surface.

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