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LW Vintage Metal Cabinets Manufacturing Company

The vintage metal cabinets are antique or old design of metal cabinets. Are you in need of a large storage for your daily use things then we have a solution for you.

If you are a fan of classy and antique things then vintage metal cabinets are your one stop solution .these vintage metal cabinets are best for kitchen.

We deal with vintage metal kitchen cabinets and retro metal kitchen cabinets. We have a team of very trained and competitive members who works day and night for better customer care.

If you have any query then you can contact our customer care center where your quires will be solves as soon as possible.

We make these stunning vintage metal cabinets with lots of color option. The multi-color choice will help you to select the cabinets according to the colors of your kitchen and living areas.

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Classification of Vintage Metal Cabinets

Vintage metal two glass door storage cabinet

Vintage Metal Two Glass Door Storage Cabinet

The very first type of our vintage metal cabinets is two glass door storage cabinets. This storage cabinet is
best for storing your documents, files and other stuff. The size of this vintage metal cabinet is 100x45x180 cm
.we are providing the finishing of the vintage two glass door with black rusty iron metal. The glass doors of
this cabinet give a significant look to the area where you have placed this cabinet.

Vintage Metal Double Door Living Room Cabinet

The second type or design of our vintage metal cabinet is metal double door living room cabinet. This unique
style metal cabinet is hand crafted. The size of this vintage metal cabinet is 135x 52 x195xm. However you
can customize its size as per your choice and need. The finishing of this cabinet is done with matte lacquer
which is giving this cabinet an amazing look.

Vintage metal double door living room cabinet
Vintage industrial storage cabinet

Vintage Industrial Storage Cabinet

This style of the vintage metal cabinet is very unique and goes through with any ambience this two shelves cabinet is suitable for living room, garage and home.


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Why choosing LW benefits you for Manufacturing of Vintage Metal Cabinet?

LW and its antique style vintage metal cabinets

We are giving the most amazing unique and antique style metal cabinets which are known as vintage metal cabinets. these cabinets are best for your living room and kitchen. We manufacture vintage metal kitchen cabinets and retro kitchen metal cabinets. If you are looking for style and storage then vintage metal cabinets are your best choice.

LW has magnificent quality material for products

The vintage metal cabinets we are manufacturing are very high standard .we never compromise on the raw material we use for our vintage cabinets. The exceptional quality of the vintage metal cabinets is because of our no match standards of manufacturing and fabrication of these cabinets.

LW has multi options of Finishing

We are providing superb finishing options of the vintage metal cabinets. We have different finishing material for the vintage metal cabinets which are matte lacquer and black rusty iron metal.

LW provides modern procedures of manufacturing

We are using discreet procedure of manufacturing of the vintage metal cabinets. We use welding, cutting and molding procedures for theses cabinets.

vintage metal cabinets

LW the Adept Manufacturer of Vintage Metal Cabinets

Size of vintage metal cabinets:

Our size measurements of the vintage metal cabinets are different for each style for example, the size of our vintage two glass door cabinet is 100x45x180 cm and for double door vintage metal cabinets is 135x 52 x195xm.the size of the vintage metal kitchen cabinet will be confirm according to the kitchen area.

Colors of vintage metal cabinets:

The color option for these stunning style vintage metal cabinets is red, grey, and blue. You will also have the opportunity to customize the color of vintage metal cabinets according to your likeness.

Applications of Vintage Metal Cabinet

Vintage metal cabinets for garage

LW the Superior Quality Vintage cabinet

LW is an expert of making vintage metal cabinet’s .we also makes vintage metal kitchen cabinets. The  vintage metal kitchen cabinets are best for those areas where termite easily crawl in .

The specialty of the vintage metal cabinet is that it is rust free and due to metal it cannot effect by the termite.

The smooth and matte finishing of these metal cabinets are giving you a convenience when you need to clean it.

The cleaning of these cabinets is very easy and fast. These vintage cabinets are addition to the looks of your kitchen .it gives a very different and graceful look .

The storage capacity of this cabinet is also varying from one design to another designs. Some has two shelves some has four shelves .for kitchen we also make it with drawers.

Here is another important thing to know which is we also manufacture it with wheels, so that you can move these cabinets easily.

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